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France depicts the way the little monster, you can only hate infinitely magnified, telling himself to revenge ……
back to the Han Luo, 罗雷娜 on the same Islamic Hermitage was rushed together Kavanagh modulation. Where she can do is substitute sent to Lille, in Uppsala, of course also an important role, experimental weapons 圣埃罗斯曼特 body only female students, Juggernaut and the Magic lead technologies which have made her a few hats in Kavanagh inside the fort being treated like a VIP. When Al-Ti Lian Mirage slaughter in Sri Lanka, the group of warlocks thought of being nursed back to health in the wake Juggernaut adults for help, but until they do, the Al-Ti Adams has followed the awakening Risa go no shadow.

Luo Leina body being prepared for loss there are certain kinds of 塞里尔 induction, when the ground collapsed, she had regained consciousness, and everyone, including the slave labor they have fled toward the ground, she did not request the tube rescue others issued Instead, bypassing obstacles towards underground line, came to the soul of the house, Kavanagh underground center where Sule Pagoda, where King Li-An Islamic Hermitage, Ravenna is the most important card in place, if this the source of the confusion comes from the enemy,

the guard there!

arrive almost simultaneously with Risa.

Abberley an open field, Luo Leina feel tremendous pressure, barely wait until the soul outside the door of the house, the entire underground palace is doomed, she was able to see everything unimpeded situation here. When she saw the sunset when Luo immediately think that is what caused the failure of established security plan culprit!

thought there Abberley adult shot, coupled with the sudden appearance in the sand should be able to easily fall upon the little monster is, but the situation in the field is very strange – Risa do not know what has been said, the last being the black Girls punch penetrated the body! Then more incredible thing happened ……

had heard Risa. 克里沙桑达 Luo evil ringworm, never thought he would be fascinated by the demons, was seriously hit is still fascinated holding black witch …… Abberley younger brother for that many adults usually connive , but this time must not miss this girl!

But why? Why adults to thwart her?

“Mr. Abberley! This girl is the witch! Wendt is that killing monsters,cheap canada goose, ah, do not be deluded her!”

Luo Leina cry Abberley only attracted a deeper anger, “I said shut up! forbid you offend the dignity of man.”

“hateful monster, what magic controlled by Mr. Abberley!” perceived not let Abberley “awake”, Luo Leina frantic scenes, hiding two brothers wanted to kill to protect the girl.

“put me down.” Luo sunset pushed Risa’s arm, she saw Al-Ti Adams has to rescue Glatt, and “no matter what we had before, but now they are enemies if I really that important person Let me complete the aim here! “

jumped from Risa arms, never mind Abberley fight with the woman, Luo sunset re-enter the side hall.

Warcraft dream repeated forest scenes, this is the most pure desire Abberley it? “But in fact, no matter what you look like, are very cute ah you enough as long as you do not need to say and I casually made so many cruel things, so how can I accept it ……” If everything is the origin of calamity all her joke, called her how to face those who have been hurt it? “I exist, is not intended to rotate all around me, in fact, I just want to see the world,canada goose jackets, want to live in this world nothing …… why, let me carry this heavy cause it?”

“and you have no relationship, no, not because of you!” Risa followed behind, felt the girl whispered in sorrow, blurted.

“Epristeride not want you to come to the human world to find me? was not because I had to say just let him do it all right? had always felt that chaos is not my thing, but …… I really every one place will cause disaster ah …… “

“no! so how do you think? your being produced numerous variables,canada goose outlet, which all of us just change with it. everyone has their own destiny, to meet you in the forest, we just feel happy …… “

“No kidding! If a person’s fate is tragic countless people piled up, and that you can be happy!” Luo sunset angrily back, but seeing that it is purely Risa eager eyes, I felt a burst of trance : this man, it is only part of Warcraft, should not have been present in this world …… of Warcraft with the people, or the lack of a moral right? Or is this perception of the world?

because it has the power to enslave others can be casual, and Li-An elderly marketplace so that the mouth of the Master, the authorities of this country as well!

than not, she is absolutely not so, even with force, she also want to protect others, and do not want to hurt others …… but they really do not hurt others?

some fear looked at his hands, she has killed a lot of people …… although it is to survive, but also to save other people … yes, with their greatest strength to save it!

wafer radiance, huge tanks crushed again.

people can not do nothing to hurt ……

body of world heritage 214 [nine] continue to request all kinds of vote in support ~ ~

users upload section 214 world heritage [nine] continue to request all kinds of vote in support ~ ~ crack sound, blending gas is re shortage of underground storm together have nearly the impact of two almost staggering. Ground drip full of white liquid, Warcraft mammoth body fell out!

Luo sunset caught Warcraft huge body, she opened the floor to sweep debris and gently put it on the ground.

this weird body with mottled look ragged – Operation combination of genes, splicing together different kinds of flesh, Uppsala underground Frankenstein ……

“…… We come from different worlds, you do not say that to my mouth a little life do not understand, how can we create to simulate it?” imagine this kind of thing, there is no basis in reality and projection how to achieve? “It’s crazy ah ……” Luo sunset little hands stroked the head of the World of Warcraft, from God language forest a long time, and now as the first and when people live together, like the giant, she is no longer open. Simply want to express their own meaning to pass over .

Warcraft mind that only a memory, as constantly replay old movies, chaos and destruction … to absorb the spirit of it all, maybe it does not have the ability to distinguish between reality and dreams, but also did not know the existence of their own as well as physical but the whole body … but it exudes a terrible magic. Luo sunset or even a kind of illusion, as if accidentally, the deformation front of this body will be mutilated infinite cycle dream world to tear broke, then what will come out of it? Abberley manufacture this purpose in the end is what? Create new body for himself? But this body is full of danger, you want to achieve the “perfect” too hard ……

even she did not imagine myself under the words casually say exactly what will blend into life, how to reverse this silly boy now paranoid? If her words really so important, do not fall into this senseless fantasy in it.

vine long grass Yan-bearing light moving, everything bradycardia, when the sun Luo met it was a dark stormy weather, but in the memory of Warcraft ignorant darkness and overcast but not depressed, the world is very small, mixed into warm one world, then thin light shone from the clouds ……

sunny day after tomorrow you form a cocoon of it, but unfortunately it did not rain and you see that live along the forest, but the continent also has a very beautiful mountains and rivers, you do not open your eyes, look to break free from a dream it?

Abberley pulled the sword from the Luo Leina chest, I suddenly felt the spirit of unprecedented impact, body shaking unstable. “Choking Lang!” Sword from the hands down, bashing his head in his hands kneeling on the ground – the entire head throbbing, roaring from the Quartet filled the ears!

“No, no …… too fast, not enough ……”

calm magic began running, this light?

Al Ti Si Carefully lift Glatt, Knight’s injury is heavy, although France and Asia have been applied to the needle to stop the rapid loss of blood, but that was cut open wounds too, simply can not completely stop. They both did not take first aid items, this field region similar ban their use magic, Glatt now the situation is very dangerous.

right! What young people think of fairies, and hurried to take the rest of the gems out of tears, all crumbled Glatt sprinkled among the chest and abdomen. Looking at the shiny dust in the flesh disappeared, Al Ti Si red dwarfs surprise nod, “efforts try to use magic to cure it.”

two possible stop and feel the power of white magic, suddenly eyes light everywhere!

brilliant star-like wounds from Glatt rises, the ground also Guanghua flow, a huge beam of light to the house of magic Jumping Morohito wrapped them! Goblins and dwarves just feel excited!

“This fiery march of war? was Arati Figueroa. 古利克切恩?” the little girl she undid the seal it?

Glatt chest toward the middle of the folded reveal the flesh, born of the fusion of the power of the gods bless the car Bot breakthrough in the field of detention, blood magic from the point of heritage found

devoted youth.

Abberley standing up from the magic array, supporting the wall and staggered rows. “Quick Stop, you can not wake him so ……”

he forgot what? There is the idea of ​​telling myself incomplete, bad things will happen immediately, it is they want to avoid … What thing?

Luo sunset green eyes staring straight Warcraft, although the decline withered body, eyes still bright emerald crystal and former general, like gem.

opened his eyes when the World of Warcraft, God of War force was subsequently sealed to spread in all directions! Caught in the flow of numerous disorders, the entire ground that chill and heat.

energy is unlike any previous one element that can not be suppressed?

Islamic Hermitage, on the outside of your child, you still conscious?

Warcraft meekly sprawled, lodging on the ground, it will be life from birth in the tank, the seemingly magnificent torso in fact little effort and no, can not say anything, do not know the smell, only now with a mind to remember …… It brings feelings of warmth Luo sunset, green eyes tell the TV drama vaguely humanoid.

animal and human, after all, a different perspective, Risa also felt that the eyes of the brothers from the same source view – faint, dim and dense, beautiful and sad!

that his memory’s right, the picture on who is she right! After his brother left the forest god language constantly reminded of who looks like, probably only be able to depict the brush. The initial years, in the eyes of Abberley, all human life all look alike, can not tell who is who …… Gradually, only to find that black hair and eyes on this continent unique.

world has lost color, only infinitely dense dark and surrounded by over a small memory shadows ……

brother, you have so many years to become human, but why at the most inappropriate time, the worst place in the most dissatisfied with the way met her …… like this, can be perfect?

heart hurts … who is in pain? Brother or his own?

Luo sun moved Warcraft chest handle, touch the face goes white as transparent. The legislation tired of the color of the king’s face increasingly strong, Lipusala next month blood poisoning had never been solved, and those who long as he lives, as long as his blood was still flowing enough. Bot countless ban is engraved on the body, he did not even move a finger can not do root – but he did not fingers can move. Those who repeatedly asked his spirit, you want to get God’s dependents Arati Figueroa big pet, want to become a basket case from his mind dug summon spell …… he can not resist, can not cast spells, but these stupid people do not know , a kind of magic is no prohibition can not be locked!

from ancestors, from the blood magic.

Uppsala people want him alive, he would be alive, lived to be heir to the day!

kind of spell is not required to read out,

inherit the blood of life from birth, began the tradition of magic, the elderly die, the young born again!

/ / / finally finished this chapter, sleepy …… this last sentence, I think of “SIN CITY” inside the lines, and Sin City is really good to see that bloody brutal point.

canvassing myself canvassing myself, monthly ticket re-ballot vote to recommend the bill as well, and what I have to vote in efforts ~ ~ ~! Come on! There are ticket votes please vote for me, please vote for a thousand years, and I still pray together ~ ~

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There are female
frequency drops dramatically Sister House days, write history class strongman, “high Qiu New Biography” coming to an end, a new book ready to upload, and the sister was amazing, as if three books a two million books are code words Every day thousands of words …… updates, look up ah / / /

body of world heritage 215 [ten] request all kinds of vote in support ~ ~

users upload section 215 world heritage [ten] request vote in support of various types of magic ~ ~ heritage has so great? “Listen to resonate underground, Luo Xi bursts of dizziness.

just the blood boiling, there are more other factors which, it is the initial chaos!

“This is how it was!” She looked surprised Islamic Hermitage, that would have been the only thing sticking out of the body seems even less!

“because this is the number at the beginning, with the strongest tissue and phagocytic characteristics – this man had the will to resist with all the fusion of two of the body, but now concentrate on the completion of magical heritage, has been unable to stop the number of early modulation body’s instinct. “Risa stood behind the girl from that” was the beginning of “some distance, he was not too close, who” brothers “capability daunting. Risa hand according to the abdomen, the muscles around the wound context faint beat, pain, soreness, so that his whole body heat hot, eye sight blurred distorted – it should be healed soon, but very tired but mentally.
The ultimate goal of
Risa pieced together with these brothers are homologous, created or to go back to Abberley, he has a memory lacks a strong spiritual force, the flesh is not very tough, to be made out only for integration …… Risa knew it was his destiny, and yet unwilling, he did not want to do nothing after being absorbed by the rest!

Luo sunset listening to the words that have changed the face immediately sank Hermitage mind to search for Islamic ideas. She could not look at the king disappeared into Kavanagh’s goal is to bring back a husband for his wife, and, and they do not meet his son ……

Li-An ancient tradition of the royal family after the birth of the legitimate son, soon will be sealed up by ordinary people to raise. The first-born child to inherit everything, “King,” but charism concentrated in one person only, and kings fear their children will be hurt, so hide the baby, only to just before the moment of death compared with children Wang Li-An recognize …… blood heritage, always sad, every king took the throne at the moment, the body of their loved ones on the contaminated blood and tears.

my beloved Son, born will

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“Well, it seems he did not say no right away.” his bitter smile.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

M State province

central location surrounded by mountains and rivers located in the former Hangzhou Province M love the country, but here is Khan – Secretary Jun Yao for his establishment of the “empire Do Palace” is located.

here varied terrain, beautiful scenery, a control group president for the world economy in terms of the arteries, is the best Zhuzu ground.

And here is the first emperor to establish the capital M NUS Empire – rancid and forests are located.

Xiandi O built in 1221 in “Wan An Temple,canada goose outlet,” although at the time the war was razed Mobei war ruins, but the Secretary of the Royal Park Jun Yao Palace has forced the locals do not see the palace are fundamentally important.

red beams and green tiles, grand style, covering a broad, white stone walls connecting East, South,canada goose jackets, West, North four doors, the walls in addition to the center of the magnificent empire Dianwai, there are many beautiful days of living beauty palace; collection of modern science and technology Chaintech floor network; points east, west, south and north wing to the reception vacation Kodate relatives, but the east wing is now a deacon Explorer Hao Jing official residence.

addition, there is a servant of the hospital for dozens of people living under the name of, and two Buddhist temple, a mosque and a church.

most special is situated in the corner of the south gate of limbo, the spread of weeds that place, house broken tile old, is a veritable “disobedient beauty” and set up.

addition to tall limbo, the empire after another palace gardens are decorated with flowers, fish pond, a few stone, curved bridges, pavilions, etc., but in the roads connecting the modern technology is designed “Water Dance” Fountain flower scene.

Overall, this is not a comprehensive ancient palace of the empire, though with contradictions, but which was not seen in the unexpected.

Of course, since this is a private villa Secretary Jun Yao, so the locals are not allowed to enter.
empire in the endless green house among other house behind the marsh, dotted with spa, plus exotic tours to nearby rarely arrangement, so the Secretary Jun Yao would be happy to spend large sums of money to buy land next, let radius Barry truly become his own “Khan territory.”

Secretary Jun Yao is now a comfortable nest in the sky beautiful palace, there are eight great beauty serve beside him, are all each breast waist,cheap canada goose, enchanting beauty. He left and right to hold possession, watching another dozen beautiful women dance in the pavilion add to the fun.

his favorite of the four beauties – Ji Xue Bin, Sophia, gold Tianyu Zi and Liaoxiao Ni, one approached send kisses, Fengshen handsome smile covered his face.

seeing the officer Hao Jing toward him when he sat up Banwo, but there are many beautiful women around him tacit pushed aside, the beauty of dance with the music stopped dance.

officer Hao Jing is also a big guy, vertical shoulder-length hair and gentle temperament makes him very handsome, gentle, unlike the Secretary Jun Yao goes manly, conceited Jolly faces.

officer Hao Jing was gay, he loves Secretary Jun Yao, so even if the Secretary Jun Yao From time to time bring beauty back, he is still willing to stay in Division Jun Yao single-handedly created the empire do palace life.

The Secretary Jun Yao never concealed his love a woman, and love “original woman”, and therefore, even if the officer Hao Jing dynamic reassignment surgery many times the idea, as long as a woman saw him and affectionate, he would retreat, Because no matter how he did again, it can not be a real woman.

However, if the Secretary Jun Yao willing to let him stay at his side, he was satisfied.

Secretary Jun Yao looks handsome, the most compelling charm is a pair of black eyes shining like the stars of midnight, it seems to be able to hook one soul, and the Secretary of hypnotism Jun Yao also in this pair of beautiful magic unfold Heimou .

“there are news.” thoughts and turns his official standing in front of white crystalline Road.

“This is four?” He brought mouth smile, sexy lips that official Hao Jing resist heartbeat.

“No, this is only one.”

“? one,” he wrinkled his eyebrows, then smiled and said: “It seems that they changed the policy.”

“seems to be the case.”

He stood up, nearly two hundred cm high tall stature straighten the body of a blue silk shirt and gray trousers, plus the body exudes a kind of defiant arrogance, he looks like a king reigns .

his eyes signaled the official Hao Jing understand walked toward Chaintech floor followed behind him.

end with all the beauty in the eyes Secretary Jun Yao stalwart figure, Mouzhong full of love.

“It seems that some people want to join our lineup.” Liaoxiao Ni filled with sour tone.

Sophia shrugged, “I have confidence in ourselves, Khan sight or in my body.”

“But, after all, to the ‘fresh goods’.” Jin Tian Yuzai no confidence.

Ji Xue Bin see quite open, “Khan was originally part of the public house and sisters.”

heard, Sophia sent her a note big eyed, “I give up when the agent, with around in Khan, and many women not to share him, but to get his full-fledged.”

“possible?” golden Tianyu Zi questioned.

She glared at her, “you are willing to stay here, because no longer frightened to search through the undercover intelligence life ……”

“Not only that, Khan’s gentle and considerate in bed is also the reason we stay here.” Ji Xue Bin could not refute.

other two were nodding.
Sophia’s eyes one by one down the resentment of them, and then look towards the pavilion of the public who stopped for beauty, cold tunnel: “In short, I will get Khan’s heart, to the time, you all have to get out of here! “

public beauty watching her stiff left of the figure, everyone in the hearts of tan, so I hope they are and who is not?

but Khan’s heart like a submarine pin, elusive, he is good for every woman, four of them Americans better, they have to wallow in his gentle, arrogance and lust lingering feelings interwoven network.

was no intelligence agents were the love of life gunpoint; was a career woman also willing to be a little innocent girl, woman, and only with the Secretary Jun Yao eye contact, when they give up everything to his concubines rich girl ……

beauty here from around the world, with the Secretary-Jun Yao exists a love heart, but also because the Fengyun nostalgic hearts, so that they have another woman to share his love and desire.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Secretary Jun Yao back Chaintech floor, two-story building to emphasize not only the change in the line, as well as luxury and elegance. Chen paved granite;; modern full European decor, every step can feel the texture of the extraordinary European-style arches.

This is just a “day of beauty Palace” in imitation of the ancient palace of the richly ornamented, and full of a sense of classic style poles apart, people have the feeling of ancient staggered.
This is one of the Division
Jun Yao maverick style. He “collected” beauty is black, white, yellow complexion and recent temples of different faiths have also built a church, the original emperor, Sudan, during a visit to Pharaoh, all of this peculiar style he was scoffed.

Secretary Jun Yao came to the second floor computer room, a huge screen on the wall appeared a large wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep vast grasslands.

while in the vicinity of several nomadic tent, a slender figure riding a horse, speed, slowly approaching towards the tents.

Secretary Jun Yao laugh loudly, “This may be the leader in the intelligence bureau, actually charging into my place.”

“Khan, you have to be careful.”

he looked to one side looked worried cheeky Hao Jing an officer, “that people should be careful not me, right?”

officer Hao Jing dough smile, “to help members of the intelligence bureau, said the news, this time to a woman is a daughter of our chief executive responsible for mopping up royal purple gang Song Yin.”

“Really?” his mouth slightly raised, Mouzhong all smile.

“Khan?” official Hao Jing smile on his puzzled.

Tan Tanshou him, his eyes staring at the little shadow on the screen, “can not enlarge it? her camera would capture only the line?”

officer Hao Jing shook his head, “She’s not remotely close to what we have set up the camera the whole diameter range, we can only see the shadowy figure, while another screen shows the underground network to detect, but also only shows objects moving. “

his free and easy smile, the topic suddenly a turn, “the sale of the batch of illegal guns OK it?”

He froze for a moment, then said:. “successfully completed.”

Secretary Jun Yao handsome facial features still smile, “Emperor notice them?”

“full notice, and also confirmed that there are intelligence officers close to them and help members of the intelligence bureau sent back data also show that the 宋明丰 sent only his baby daughter.”

Secretary Jun Yao watched the petite but still can not see the facial features of the figure on the screen, furans channel: “宋明丰 for his daughter so much confidence?”

“I have confidence in Khan.” official Hao Jing’s face full of tenderness.

he grinned, “Song Zi Yin, of course I will be the guest into the tabernacle of the congregation, but ……”

“But what?”

“first time female agent openly broke into my place, she certainly is not simple, I want to go would be her.” He has a light Mouzhong challenges.

“But she dared to come to one person, not like the first few female agent is Khan to relevant companies around the world during a meeting with secretaries, managers, and even close down brUB approached the situation, she must have been visible people place …… “

He raised a bushy brows, “I will lose her?”

officer Hao Jing worried shook his head, “Caution is the boat.”

Secretary Jun Yao patted him on the shoulder, pointing to the screen, “I believe she is a very careful person, or will not go waited a long time, still marking time.”

“So be careful Khan more.”

“I know you know every time the female agent’s time to solve this very quickly, a few minutes of hypnosis down, no donut.”

“But nobody wanted to leave here.” official Hao Jing put a little bitter.

he smiled, “even men love me, you can not blame those who can not resist my charm woman.”
Hao Jing
officer nodded, “They think they have been seen through your identity, and certainly only a dead end, they are free to leave the results you have to.”

“They are all beautiful, killed a pity.”

“day beauty palace has been almost fully booked a room, you still have to cover one day beautiful palace it?” official Hao Jing asked tentatively.

He shrugged Ningdi the official Hao Jing pair of eyes full of tenderness, “You know the day Americans Palace ‘day’ word is actually representative of the ‘Tim’ premises, where a total of thirty suites, and have now entered the twenty-five, plus this one …… “He frowned and looked at the little figure on the screen that blur even turn up a small circle in place.

officer Hao Jing followed screw from the eyebrows, “This is probably a bad song Purple Yin cope, she was very cautious in view of the surroundings.”

Secretary Jun Yao sexy lips sip a straight line, but no less Mouzhong smile, “I’m looking forward to meet her.”

“Khan,” His heart gave a tight, thought of another woman to get the favor of the Secretary-Jun Yao, his heart was very sour.

Secretary Jun Yao aware that he Mouzhong pain, and smiled, “or an old one, I like the genuine woman, and you live in the East Room Kodate resort also has five rooms, you can always find a few lonely man or woman come to live. “

his bleak smile, “You know shui 3000, I just take a spoonful.”

patted him on the shoulder, the Secretary-Jun Yao sincere authentic: “Let you stay with me, I want you to see how a man in this life, I do not love a woman, can not fall in love with a man. . “

“I know, you never hide, but I was willing.”

he spit a long breath, shaking his head, “I hope you like a prescription.”

officer Hao Jing silent bow.

his eyes back on the screen again, Song Zi Yin’s move is more puzzling, he stared in disbelief from his horse fell down a small figure, “she fell off a horse?”

officer Hao Jing quickly looked up at the screen, frowned, “seems to be the case.”

“what she was playing a trick?” stroking his chin.

“Khan, you must be careful, maybe she has been aware that we installed in hundreds of miles of underground detection network, and therefore fall look.”

“to so awkward posture?” His handsome face was full of doubts.
see her facial features, but she moves pretty clear that she is almost face down to the “five-vote” posture lying on the floor.

“I think it must have a special meaning exist, or she has a specific function?” official Hao Jing hard thinking.

“Interestingly, this woman is really interesting.”

“Khan, or help me please undercover member of the Intelligence Bureau will pass over the details of her?”

heard this, he gave him a big eyed, “Those are really false information, I have to filter, not directly to her hypnosis easier?”

“But you’ll talk to her contacts ……”

blinked his confidence, “she would look into my eyes, and then she makes clear evidence.”

“Khan ……”

“had not riding, I’d go, ‘home’ will be given to you.”

“You do not come back soon?” official Hao brow of a tight grain.

Song Purple Yin smiled on him, pointing to the screen, she was lying on the floor, his hands groping kept on the ground, “It seems that what she found, but look at the 宋明丰 sent home to baby daughter’s sake, I told her to play two or three days at the outside, and then she was back ‘home’, let 宋明丰 first breather. “

“you have to be careful.” he nervously look at the screen one, “she may have found our network of detection.”

his beautiful Mouguang quickly flashed a cold, “I will let her know a woman too smart not a good thing.” So saying, he turned and walked outward.

officer Hao Jing looked at his shadow, inner melancholy endless.
a while, the screen goes into a mighty late emperor’s face, which is usually the Secretary Jun Yao want freedom in his territory activities, and will monitor the system shutdown message.

officer Hao Jing sigh loudly, furans channel: “This will be ‘the 26th’ suite to clean up a few days someone will live here.”

“contact lenses? lenses …… my contact lenses do?”

Song Purple Yin lying on a loess, hands touch to touch the ground I could not find just immediately fell Gouchi Shi from the supposed contact lenses.

“how to do? no contact lenses, how I got back to the hotel? Especially that damn tour also stood me up!”

“contact lenses do? woo ……” could not find her glasses anxious cried out.

great depth myopic lenses did not let her see a plethora of Nitric piece in thick mist, she tears tears aspect sat up, wiped the tears when, also in white face paint a large loess.

“This time how to do?” she choked cry.

answer her was a whirring sound of the wind, as well as the wide prairie swaying ensemble.

horse screamed at the side of his head, as if to tell her that it’s there.

she grumbled, biting his lower lip, “You dare to call? is that you do not listen, I’ll call you back, you do not go back to my spinning in place, and finally I fell off!”

horse upward again screamed loudly, as if to say her own riding poorly, it is also strange.


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I still want to marry you lose money? “He seemed to be asking, but his mouth does not care smile. Seems things just happened is just a joke.

,canada goose jackets??

??” You …… “


??” How, do not go? Or do you want to continue forever, sorry not this time or next time, send you home I have something to get busy. “Suddenly, he saw her hands clutching the phone, frown,” This phone! “Then have won in the past.


??” Next time, I’ll make a man you can not do in this life. “Ka howling! That person in the end want? After so bully people still like the gifts of others like, never, never seen a more conceited than this hateful guy.


? ? “You phone must have a problem! “Secretary Yang Yan looked Ka phone’s menu! Soon found just done recording, press the play button.


?? Just the whole conversation will appear.


? ? “So you’re not curious, but a purpose! So tell me what you want to do? Why should we record our conversation. “Secretary Yang Yan suddenly grabbed Ka neck,” And what are you? “


??” You say …… Well, what say? I, the recording …… “


??” Jingle bells, jingle bells …… “


?? Yang Yan Secretary phone from his trouser pockets turned out, look immediately changed “You say she is now in the hospital? I’ll go! “Then, loosen the Mo instrument also has opened the door to sit.


??” Where are you going? “Mo Miriam watched him launch the car. Hurried to stand in front of,” You can not leave me so on, my car broke down. ! “????

” on the train, “he Shazhu car

no objection to sit Ka car, the car all the way towards the airport -.??????

? ? “where to go? “


??” USA! “



,cheap canada goose??


work-related 246 Ⅱ distressed Princess: Princess injured ②

?? 246


?? “ah? …… Is Why is the small dance hurt you?” Ka I suddenly realized that this is possible, urgently asking, “Is it about her?” Yang Secretary Yan looked very anxious ah. Eight Chinese flag net wWw.87ZW.cOm.


?? “She hurt!” Secretary Yang Yan finally answered.


?? “I have to go!”


?? “Even if you now have no chance to get off!” Secretary Yang Yan glanced at her,canada goose outlet, “I ask you, the phone During that recording in the end on what you want to do? “


??” You have killed paranoia it! so easy to doubt people. “Mo instrument snappily said,” Well, since you’re so immediately deleted. deleted if you do not worry, kill me good! “


??” you in the end what is the purpose? “Secretary Yang Yan frown, but fortunately he is still a rather patient person, Otherwise, have long suspected the woman to throw this out, recognize her to fend for themselves go.


?? “I have no purpose, but nothing wrong person.” kind of wanted to help him, did not think he was a worse person. So delete those things the best, so let small dance will be sympathetic to this guy heard.


?? Yang Yan Division drove lost over the phone, “This little trick or less to serve wonderful!” the woman of their own experiences seem dangerous today simply do not realize, no, she is no really realize the danger.


?? “What do you mean!”


?? Yang Yan Division drove answer. “Advice!”


?? U.S.


?? DUANMU Mingyi to pick people, etc. outside the airport.


?? “speed is good, but how, but also with a woman?” He looked at the Young Women’s Division Yan around, confused, “said so familiar, where have seen ah!”


?? “is you!” Ka looked DUANMU Mingyi, “of course have seen, is that you put a small dance to Mo, but also please us take care of her.”


?? DUANMU Ming Yi shot forehead, “ah, I think of it, thank you for the past few years for her to take care of.”


?? “But then why not call you, and that number?”


?? “to avoid being hunted down, I eliminate a number.” DUANMU Mingyi strange laugh! But still to be guessed, but also suffered a fist.


?? “kill?”


?? “Yes ah!”


?? Secretary Yang Yan is not so patient. “Enough nonsense really, hurry to the hospital.”


?? DUANMU Mingyi laughed, “it was now anxious! Zouren a further delay in respect.” However, with a woman to , really weird. DUANMU Mingyi not help looking at the two men.


?? “blue little dance, are you okay!” Ka into the room and saw the bed was fixed blue dance, “is hurt badly yet. how will tie into this?” she frowning walked over.


?? see Ka Blue dance, smile and laugh. “Ka sister, how do you come? Seems that you still care about me.”


?? “I do not care about you, was kidnapped in. You may not know that your brother Yang really is a good man. “tone with obvious irony. ???? “?! how a Young Brother”

blue dance also saw another man came in the door – Yang Yan Division. Laughed, “Young Brother, you are not a tease Ka sister?”


?? “You, how kind! Still hurts?” Secretary Yang Yan walked over, looked at the bed was distressed ‘ tied ‘blue dance, “Tell me, why is it so? exactly what happened?” Along the way, DUANMU Mingyi said nothing, he understood, he is a friend who told Ding Zhuo summer, so the problem The key is to wash the damn tripod summer, as long as his little dance on the doom constantly.


?? “has been much better, you do not worry ah.” Blue Dance followed toot mouth, “Could not ask why? Young Brother, I am very happy to see you, and Ka sister together I am even more happy. “


??” happy your head! “Ka snappily said.


?? “Shut up!” Secretary Yang Yan cold channel, “You did not see her still hurt you?”


?? Ka shocked, he did so fierce What? “Secretary Yang Yan, you’re too much. I’m not who you, what qualifications you have taught me.”


?? Secretary Yang Yan said nothing!


?? blue dance track, “Young brother, you should not be so hard on the family’s sister Miriam. others girls, you have to give her face ah.”


?? “female children? “


?? him this soon cynical, let Ka face up in the red, her thoughts went back to the scene of his light up, when he touched her leg and say, She is an old woman!


?? “Of course, they also learn what Big Brother Yang bad, so the Mighty Ducks.”


?? “Excuse me!”


?? apologize? Ka somewhat startled, Secretary Yang Yan in this way will apologize? Little dance, then, is really good words ah! Could not help, and my heart even more angry, this man is really damn.


?? after Secretary Yan Yang apologized blue dance track was asked, “how the doctor says.” He really regret instrument came with Mo, noisy!


?? “I’m okay! Do not worry so much ah!” blue dance hand holding company Yang Yan’s hand, “is said to be a mild concussion and slight spine fracture.”


? ? Actually, that would be forced under Ding Xia Zhuo, doctors had reluctantly given illness.


?? course not too serious, after all, still just a kid summer Billiton, even then a big impact not likely there will be more serious consequences, besides their body more thin blue dance.


?? fact, that is because of this, so the pain will fall, bumped bones sake, as things not to mention the spit, concussion does seem to be a genuine ‘minor’!


?? summer Billiton find on Arie, “Swiss Grandpa, please put this video in my room door to me!”


?? “little master, what you want to do that? “Gilbert asked, curious.


?? summer Billiton serious face betrayed a domineering nature, “to me is like, I blame my grandfather Shangguan, by myself to bear.”


? ?






work-related 247 Ⅱ distressed princess: wrong point pairing ①

?? 247


?? “Oh, all right!” Suddenly, he patted his forehead, apologetic laugh, “You see, I forgot, that has been taken away your daddy!”


?? “Daddy took?”


?? Gilbert Road, “Yes ah, just take it back to the hospital, you little dance aunt in the hospital, or keep I go along? “


?? summer Billiton hesitate to ask,” her sister is not it? “followed by anger.” She said she Gendie place does not matter, she was lying on the right, the original She is also a lie. Banners Chinese network wWw.87zw.cOm. “


?? this nature, it really is exactly the same with his father, Gilbert could not help but sigh,” my sister and aunt just Two call, how can you distinguish him Daddy have no relationship with. “This little guy, the weight of people now have the ability to breathe, grow up, they will certainly be a formidable figure it!


?? “Is that right?”


?? “Yes ah!”


?? summer pondered Takuya nodded, “We went to see her!”


?? Xia Ding Zhuo into the room and saw so many people, once frowned at the same time, Yang Yan eyes Secretary also ejected a fire. DUANMU Mingyi quickly said, “Well, you want to quarrel, then please go outside.”


?? This man! In fact, Secretary Yang Xia Zhuo Yan and Ding has an idea, is to give a fatal blow DUANMU Mingyi, people are attracted him, and obviously want to see war, still a very open-minded, generous non-loaded like.


?? “are not allowed to fight.” Blue Dance heart also worried about this.


?? Now, two people are no longer speak.


?? ward actually become quiet, and do not know what to say, until the summer of extension appears Miriam Yeung Secretary Mo Yan and both eyes wide open, staring Ding Xia Zhuo replica of what a time speechless. The summer wash tripod is sullen, too lazy to go to the son of one.


?? “small extension, come here.” Blue Dance with a smile, “Do you remember me ah look really good honor oh!”


?? summer sipping Billiton lips, walked over, “will not be painful?”


?? “that does not hurt!”


?? “lie! you are crying the last night!” Summer Billiton does not believe !


?? “Last night was last night, it is now, can not be compared, but I did not cry, you must be wrong!” blue dance grinning saying, “If I cry, You will not laugh at me. “


?? summer Tinto glanced at her, the body is fixed on the bed,” are wrapped in such a way and said nothing. Anyway, you are the woman, not always speak a few sentence is true. “Summer Rio is aging and said, seems to ‘this woman’ has been very understanding look.


?? “This is, this is your son? summer total!” Mo instrument shocking first opening.


?? Xia Ding wash son Road, “Summer Tinto, to apologize to her!”


?? “No!” blue Ding Zhuo dance summer look, but his sullen, completely no say over the room.


?? “little sister dance you do not have to hide, and Daddy already know, because there is the electronic eye. okay, it was my fault I can accept Daddy’s punishment.”


?? summer Tinto already know, in fact, my sister sometimes lie, really touched him! For example, she obviously would not move themselves, but also have to say, ‘she is not up’, in fact, that’s not lie, but really can not move ah!


?? Xia Ding Zhuo son had so much! True! Out of the hospital, the Secretary Mo Yan and Yang instrument are not saying anything out.


?? Gilbert came to the hospital to actually come here to meet with Mo Yan Yang Instrument Division, he caught up, “two, Father ask you to Shang Jia Zuozuo.”


?? Therefore, they were invited to the Shangguan family


?? “four years, thank you take care of it!” Mo Shang instrument is almost dry for tears, “So, this time more than a few days, let me also express my gratitude to you myself. “


??” Mr. Shangguan need not be so! “


?? Shangguan Secretary Yang Yan turned dry,” you Secretary Yan is it, really young people. Mingyi I heard you say something, you’re also a silly little dance ah. “


??” Your grandfather is a small dance? “Yang Secretary Yan frown asked, this thing is still very skeptical. In fact, a few days ago, he already knew about it.


?? “which have the opportunity to explain the reason, and now I just want to talk to you, I hope you can continue to care little dance. like you man, I’m sure you can take care of her, She assured that I will give you a little. “


?? This means that, should a small dance company betrothed to Yang Yan this guy do? Mo Rage meter jump from the heart: never can.


?? Secretary Yang Yan, “I’ll take care of her!” It simply did not say.


?? “Well, this is really great. then you have to work hard to win her heart is the most important thing!” Shangguan dry completely spotted a grandson-in-law’s eyes.


?? “Mr. Shangguan, be careful you are wrong point pairing ah!” Ka openings.


?? Shangguan dry a moment, then smiled and said, “Do not Miss Mo mean, Ding A small dance with you? they could not.”


?? “Of course not, son has that big, so small that how can dance when the stepmother, but do not you say Mr. Yang okay? good man in the world so much, why would a small dance between the two of them to make a choice ? “


?? Anyway, now two Mo meter is not optimistic.


?? However, Shangguan dry Secretary Yang Yan is a really fancy. He is a man looks really good not to say, handsome looks and polite.


?? hospital


?? distressed blue dance, “said the child so uncomfortable, can you call a doctor to the demolition of these things?”


?? “No!” the man without thinking refused.


?? “But the doctors say do not need this!”


?? “I said we should!” not negotiable.


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Well you say it hurt! “
Peng Ling now days have no strength to walk, and had not hurt to play it down from the east England beat heavier, but just delay too long, meridians siltation more and more, naturally heavier injuries , had said weakly: “Well, you help me find a place no one to disturb.”

third volume Soaring fifty-third chapter of the gas innocent bastard

day Ling Peng Huang Shaner to find place to stay where she is also an inn. Liu place far away from here, add, and both of them are over the wall into the room,cheap canada goose, it should be afraid of leaked.
this time late at night a little more, Wan Lai stillness, look around Jingqiao’s. One into the room, then Ling Peng day no matter what, and immediately meditation exercise our powers to heal, this time also gave yellow Shaner whether he has a malicious.
said his injury serious thing and not die, say a serious thing, if not treated, over time really fear for their lives. Injury is meridians,canada goose jackets, wah palms that he played a surprise, too late Yunzugongli resistance, and therefore makes the heart a little shock, a blood stuffy in mind, poor flavor, meridian barrier, making the action hysteresis, fingers and thumbs.
I do not know how much time passed, Ling Peng day for three weeks only know their day to exercise our powers, siltation through the meridians have been infuriating, pubic region up and running again, after another power supply with the brightest meridians.
Ling Peng day by practicing internal strength rather strange, “national champion” As long as I got on the instructions of the Department can be extremely thorough manner omnipotent sky, as it is not an exaggeration really is not a conceivable.
“national champion” although it is on the record Shennong, but how many people will believe it? Peng Ling first day will not be believed, he always thought that was later coined the name under the guise of Shennong nothing, of course, can not deny it’s worth, at least he really can create a master in excellent shape.
most unhappy Ling Peng day is “national champion” martial arts on and it did not mention the name tells, regardless of palm and fist attack weapons, pointed out that there is no internal strength, only that it is “true element of internal forces” only. This allows Peng Ling greatly unhappy day! If people asked them all say “national champion”, would not laughable? People also because they might say is Kyorin Go chess master or something too!
therefore imperative, Ling Peng days think we should give these powers regressed a little from a name, after all, their own different world expert in contact recently, more and more people later asked about these things certainly will be filed.
this to the martial arts from the name is a science, it is necessary to link up and martial arts, but also have art, we can not really play it in “Huqu startled, exudes the air bastard” and “bastard gas” name right? Of course, if it is created by your own, you can also spend his last name or something, like people isolated situation, gave his sword from the most classic names – Magic Power.
Ling Peng days are not the creators of these martial arts, not to tamper with the fruits of other people’s labor to put high-sounding name “Heaven Ling Gong”, so this thing is really named his energy costs too!
“in the end from what name?” murmured Ling Peng days, really annoyed.
“What is named?”
day Ling Peng surprised, actually opened his eyes and saw that yellow Shaner charming face greets, suddenly wake up, the already completed exercise our powers could not help himself out of the sound of martial arts thing.
look around, large room, too,canada goose outlet, for rich kids is concerned, there really can be a birds do not shit turtles do not lay eggs in the way place in the land, and therefore are not really ranking around the hotel, the rooms are just over fifty square meters of single only.
room lights on, is actually very bright, inside a bed, a cupboard, a table, in addition to toilets, nothing more.
Ling Peng days sitting on the bed and found the yellow Shaner to do on a chair beside the bed, Quechaojiuzhan, really embarrassed, quickly jumped out of bed.
“said Yeah, what were you talking about?” yellow Shaner see Ling Peng days already alive and kicking, knowing his injury has been almost too good, and my heart could not help but sigh of relief.
“No, nothing.”
“You ……” yellow Shaner little patience is back, “how could you! yeah I saved you, ask you a question nor answer? You’re heartless, and ungrateful!”
Peng Ling smile day, Xiao Nizi really trifled with, but to truly to notice.
“what, you do not even know his own martial arts called? Where’d you practicing?” yellow Shaner heard exclaimed.
“I do not want it called that?” Ling Peng days a fuss about her dissatisfaction, snappily said.
yellow Shaner laughed and said: “killing me, it was even his practice of martial workers do not know the name, too funny!”
“What’s so funny, you talk about what you practice martial arts.” Ling Peng-day casual authentic.
“Of course, I practiced the Oriental family fit woman practicing ‘one thousand prime hand’, very powerful …… Oh, you’re bad, and set my words!” When it comes to the final, yellow Shaner dawned, the reigning Chen Dao, a small hand but in Peng days Ling skill “Crue” with.
proudly Ling Peng day laughing, asked Huang Shaner is not about some ordinary people know things, such as the Oriental family like the problem.
“those you do not know?” yellow Shaner asked, puzzled.
Ling Peng days shook his head, this thing can be said is that he did not debut rookie, who told White Wind Chang Lin died in a hurry, even some basic common sense are not informed, saying only that the king and medical-related things just .
“Yes!” Ling Peng days think of the issue, “just to save my people go you call it?”
“to save your people?” yellow Shaner doubt, “I do not know, sir, I want to ask you is how hurt it! night I just felt something was wrong and ran out to see the outside of it, who knows how far it has not hit you! “
“ah?” Ling Peng days frown, very confused, subconsciously think this last rescue to save his people and that is the same person, so just talk to each other when it felt a little familiar with the thought that people have yellow Shaner relationship, who knows phase and not cattle, and then who is he? Why does it appear in their own danger, did not he tracked his own?
day Ling Peng was surprised, really this way, then obviously myself in a dangerous situation, after all, is the story behind do not know each other, who knows he has no such attempt it!
“Hey!” yellow Shaner shake his hand, “you help your bastard’s name did not get to the gas? me your strength is not weak Well, who taught you martial arts?”
Peng days Ling of course, refused to tell the truth, only to interrupt said: “I rely on what is called the bastard of the gas, I’m that powerful internal strength, than you much more!” was secretly done an injustice, and sure enough it was for their nameless martial arts have the “interest”!
“Is not the gas bastard? online we are saying that more cattle martial arts!”
Ling Peng days dumbfounding, their powers are too innocent! No, now you have to give it a fast hardware name!

Soaring Chapter 54 Volume III Top spectrum of martial arts weapons

“either internal strength called ‘Dragon infuriating’ it!” yellow Shaner days Ling Peng suddenly say a name.
day Ling Peng was surprised, Denon? Not that, and now most people are looking for “Dragon relic” somewhat relations? Does she have doubts? Ling Peng days quietly authentic: “Well no, this name seems pretty big breath!”
“What are they afraid!” yellow Shaner disagree authentic, “They Oriental family Hai Ba their internal strength called ‘Dragon infuriating’ it!”
“Dragon infuriating?” Peng Ling finally know to make their day effort Jiaosha Nine Lives, “is really quite powerful!” This is the truth, after all, in which the power of magic, he almost be dead, of course, he do not think on their own internal strength again as worse than this door many martial arts, that it lost only gap on his own experience, on the strength, skill, if the body are integrated, then again on the eastern Britain, should not be times as embarrassed!
“is the thing, people called ‘Dragon’ you called ‘Dragon’, this seemed good thing your internal organs, so that out of power and prestige that!” yellow Shaner said waving a fist.
Ling Peng days no contrived to see her innocent appearance, this I believe is not in the other test him with this name, put down thoughts, smiled and said: “Well, it is according to what you said, called ‘Dragon infuriating’, that other martial arts should also be put on ‘Dragon’ word of it! “
“Good!” yellow Shaner happy authentic, “Yes, how about you tonight, who hurt you?”
“Liu Hua man!”
“Liu!” yellow Shaner angrily, “it really was him, I told you to be careful not he do!”
“should be careful!” Peng Ling-day smile.
“I do not know your strength how, but I think it should be good, right?” yellow Shaner looked Peng days Ling, smiled and said, “at least before I was aware not you have force, I think it must be you hide the body breath reason, that is, your skill at least a lot higher than I want, or else really can not fool me! “
“So what?”
yellow Shaner playful smiles: “My martial arts can be considered good, oh that is, the person must be able to maul you very much, as far as I know, Liu there are not such a person!!”
Ling Peng days shook his head, puzzled and asked: “?? Have you ever doubted me is not how else would follow me too.”
“Well!” yellow Shaner failing, “You know what we really are behind the track, Well, you have to admit that I’m playing that day too?”
“Aunt, I can not tracking my kind of people, right?”
“Humph!” yellow Shaner very unhappy, but still as Peng days Ling eliminating, “I did not doubt you, follow you is to pique it, and then you suddenly disappeared in the commercial, I know you are found us, that is, that we can find to track people, must not be trivial, because we are careful enough that day! “
“Oh!” Ling Peng day dawned, a shot forehead.
“Well, who wounded you?” yellow Shaner come back to this issue.
Ling Peng days shook his head and said:. “I do not know who he was, only that his surname Hua and Liu is one up.”
“surname China? there is this man?”
Ling Peng days angry and said: “Originally bastard beat me, but he used a more powerful hidden weapon it!” one thought to that strange nor trace, flying, Ling Peng days after burst palpitations, because It will be the other injured himself.
“What hidden weapon?” yellow Shaner to the interest.
“Hua needle!”
“What!” yellow Shaner heard exclaimed, “Hua needle? surnamed Hua, is it him? how he would be here!”
“Hey, Hua needle very famous?” Ling Peng day innocently asked.
“You do not know?” yellow Shaner’s eyes look like an idiot, “but it is the martial arts weapons arsenal on the seven most bizarre, the most vicious!”
“martial arts arsenal?” Peng Ling-day rookie was another silly to ask.
yellow Shaner a shot forehead, snappily authentic: “Well, in the end who is to teach you martial arts, and even some basic common sense did not tell you?”
Ling Peng-day course can not be said to have been ill man in heaven, only shook his head really do not know.
“Tell me and I’ll give you, so after throwing out my face!” yellow Shaner very disdain.
next time, Ling Peng day has finally learned the secrets behind some of the martial arts. It turns out that there is also a powerful underground world ranking spectrum, one of the most famous is the weapon ranking spectrum. Top weapons spectrum has a ballad: “the first emperor sword, ax forever Overlord second child, undefeated legend Mike knife, gun fire workaholic, superb goddess whip, omnipresent Hua needles, beads Medicine King back to life.”
this ballad say is seven magic martial arts weapons on the spectrum: the emperor sword, the legendary ancient emperors used Regulus, is said to be nine heaven grant, invincible invincible used; King ax, used by legendary Chi , was defeated by hand so that the emperor sword emperor, and therefore can only ever be the “second”; Romantic Swordsman, for example, is not vain, can be said to be in the world hidden weapon, when used in small Litan Hua defeat without a trace!
gun fire workaholic successor has always been the way, they fight to die endlessly, martial arts people are reluctant to provoke, or else give yourself really get into endless trouble; goddess whip, woman used, superb, killing at a moment; Hua needles, among the world’s most bizarre hidden weapon, reportedly got extremely place can kill between invisible.
“Originally, I met this really famous Hua needle Yeah!” Ling Peng day feeling quite authentic.
“Of course!” yellow Shaner hum, “but it is the famous hidden weapon arsenal, is said to be descendants of Hua used for decades been famous arena!”
“is very powerful, but it seems you have no say so exaggerated!” Peng Ling-day thought Road, Hua needle seen tonight is really no exaggeration to say that the weapon ranking spectrum, although very powerful, but there is no Yeah between the invisible omnipresent murder.
yellow Shaner cold and said: “You know what, tonight you meet people you are either unwilling to kill, or is he not got the needle Hua home, or else you can boast in here?”
day Ling Peng could not help but speechless, honey, it seems these weapons can not mess with the master of it!
“how do you not tell me about these weapons master?” asked Ling Peng days.
“I do not know how much the emperor sword and ax are legendary King weapons, no one has seen the centuries; As Romantic Swordsman, there are hundreds of years does not appear in the arena, but we do not suspect that they are true sex; fire guns are used by people in Sichuan Tang, fire guns Tangmen hidden weapon than their descendants still famous; Goddess whip Well, huh, this generation descendant But my teacher, she told me be okay! “
“That YaoWang beads it? it is used to do, you did not say it clear, its owner is what?” asked Ling Peng days.

Soaring Chapter 55 Volume III deceive innocent girl

yellow Shaner said:? “Yao Wang Chu said to Hebei Medical palace heirlooms, a total of two, according to legend, he is King Sun Simiao after two decades, to spend thousands of precious herbs refining, there was detoxification revive effect! “
“rely on, things can be a life-saving arsenal?” Peng Ling cried day.
“What do you know!” yellow Shaner disdain, “Yao Wang Chu will not only save lives, but also to kill, said that it can be hidden weapon launch marbles, herbal above it can be charming and engaging, people unable to resist!”
Ling Peng days left speechless: “so powerful?” This is the origin of the medicine he was anxious to put this matter for himself, but also can not say this stuff Help!
yellow Shaner Qi said: “Ling Peng days, so much saliva flow you doing?”
heard Ling Peng days can not help but embarrassing, of course, can not be said of Yao Wang Chu coveted, only Mama Zui angle, said:. “Nothing, probably not okay to hurt, you say Goddess whip successor is your master, that, Do you have inherited a goddess whip, can you give me a look? “think Yao Wang Hua-pin and beads are so magical, the goddess whip in the arsenal even before the two, then it’s much more in them the magic , the thought here is more anxious to be found from the yellow Shaner whip goddess who drops in the eyes turn yellow Shaner body

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Obediently let her paint.

smile painted for a while, not interested, and the juice inside to lotus birth, let her do it.

strain went very straight trunk, carefully looked at before Haiwan thickness of the trees, and then pull out the dagger to cut it down.

her heart has never been seen staring at the tree lay a plan, trees down, waving daggers forward, do not hesitate to dig cut batch cut, and pretty soon they came up with a prototype of the kidnapper.

She completed a kidnapper take over of 70% in the leg gestures lotus born, began to modify, she replied: “? Hasuo ah, you know what the best way to catch ants”

Hasuo silent for a moment, and said:. “lure them over.”

“Yes, the best thing they can still lure directly fatal, such as honey. attract them to come, you can also stick their hands.”

Hasuo said: “Do you want me honey when it drops.”

smiled and looked at the expression on her face:. “Yes, I have done that is to you.”

Hasuo lightly: “full sense of the kind, but I’m still hungry.”

smiled and stare at her for a long time, you can not tie down, make some expression of admiration or surprise you?

finally ready wooden crutches, threw himself Hasuo let her try to walk. Push lightly cooked in a simmering fire worms, bamboo worms, the number of this world delicious ah.

“You really do not have a try? ‘I’m good for you.

“Do not mention it.” correct expressionless face finally some little white.

watched her clean sweep of the few insects to eat clean, but also eyes closed a memorable look. Hasuo not help but ask: “Are you hungry …… it?”

smiled and said:. “meaning not just to eat in order to survive Yeah, in that case,canada goose outlet, humans will never progress.”

said finally seated, and Stone Lotus to work out from the arms looked and looked, his face showing a look of satisfaction.

Hasuo silent child, asked: “risked their lives to go to pick this herb is to save it?”

“Yes.” to save the person is next to me.

“What is the effect of this thing?”

“can boost nerve, resolve Yu gas, miraculous ……”
Then smiled and laughed
from:. “In fact, I’d have no idea what effect, only that it can make someone very happy, that’s enough.”

Hasuo eyes flickered: “Your husband is really lucky.”

smiled and blushed under: “It is not considered the matter, however, I suffered him for several years, and now just want good for him, so he does not get mad at me..”

Hasuo silent for a moment, said: “Before he reconnects you said, there are sixty fingertips the moment, you just need to be able to run a few things …… the moment you have been so confident of it?”

smiled haha ​​laughed:. “That is to secure your heart actually a fillip sixty moment and then also the following sentence, nine hundred moment of birth and death.”

students attentively watched lotus face, said:. “meaning that thing, playing the finger is sixty moment when, in a moment of time, there are nine hundred life-birth and disappearance of the so-called raw as ephemera, or life as worthless, is a meaning, so long as the look on some, death is no big thing. “

Hasuo said: “You’d open-minded.”

smiled and said:. “open-minded, not necessarily adhere to no longer stick to the point, it should accept the reality.”

“stick to the point of no longer insist ……” Hasuo repeated this sentence: “How do you know to the point of it?”

“I do not know, I really want to know, I’m afraid you can go when the prophet or a saint.”

Hasuo slight sigh: “You’re right ah.”

both silent for a moment, then looked up to see that the sun is getting West Ramp.

twilight darkens,canada goose jackets.

until the distant scenery is like a layer of gauze mask, when you become shadowy, smiled and stood up and said: “! go.”

“I’ll carry you a while, out of this valley, you crutches the line.”

Hasuo nodded: “When the honey.”

smiled and said:. “if they do not come close, with a shot you, you just get on the ground, I’ll guarding you.”

Hasuo nod, also said:. “You can be assured that I will not be as easy to die.”

They laugh.

smiled and saw this man calm appearance, the heart suddenly playing big time, think to point the idea that dialogue would be fun before the war.

this lotus birth, but also a little longer than she was two years old, it acquired a Zende Taishan collapse in front of the face is not the mere mention of the dead, she’s really not convinced and would like to see her shocked look .

Unfortunately, there is no excuse to go picking her clothes.

have exaggerated laments: “You have to promise me one thing, today I’m just a big fight for you, if I die, unfortunately, you have to put heavy strains Stone Lotus bi son, I have not completed of the wishes. “

after hearing her say, do not ask who is born Lin Shen Bi, only muses:. “I can promise you, but you have to promise me one thing.”


“If the dead person is me, you have to put the pants back to me.”

target appeared!

Shouzhu wooden crutches, a stick of a street, no weapons on hand, naked,cheap canada goose, there are chunks of blood on the shirt.

evidently already a spent force, not much resistance.

first find the target man lamenting his own good fortune, the decision does not have to greet companions, alone accounted for this credit.

she unsheathed his sword, crept close to the foot since the intention behind her knife.

knife above his head, suddenly drops, people soft down.

the people were dragged down behind a bush, a short fly out of a pair of pants, a belt, a coat.

“lotus birth, but also your pants! coat still me!”

second person more cautious approach was greeted companion, the trio was half-moon outflank.

Hasuo unaware, just crutches, slowly walked.

three people to make each eye color, a knife approached.

smile holding a dagger in the back to catch up, a knife, inserted in the neck at all.

third person to see the right, the sound of a loud whistle blew, blown in half, raw lotus hands knife cut her throat.

“Oh, Run!”

smiled too busy to continue to lure the enemy, and put their shoulders to the lotus students picked up a shelf, carrying and ran.

run for a while, suddenly heard the sound of hooves. The moment has come to the front.

twilight seems vaguely about ten ride.

Hasuo finally showing a dead end in the calm eye look.

smiled and whispered: “? you can deal with a few”

Hasuo said: “dismount, then two.”

“That left three to give you, the rest seven to me.”

smiled and put her down to put his dagger to her, whither gallop welcome to go.

she rushed to the middle of the road, he stood with open arms stopping.

crowd Lema, who lead the five products wearing the official uniform pieces, looked and smiled, the face has color doubts: “Who goes there? person”

smiled busy knees Qibing: “The villain, surnamed Li, name Lianying, but an ordinary man, weekdays by herbs for a living ……”

that officials frown: “These brief, which was the royal hunting grounds, why do you appear here?”

“when the villain herbs astray, save a 落崖 woman, that woman said she was a high official in the DPRK, told me to come here tracing back to save her.”

officials immediately great interest, but Jiang Yi down and said:. “How high official DPRK reduced to this, uncertainty is someone impersonating you and say her appearance.”

smiled and put Hasuo looks describe again.

officials shiny eyes, but shook his head and said:. “I did not have the impression that this person, you can take me to go a concept to distinguish the authenticity.”

smiled and made to look angrily: “Your honor so to say, is not that what people actually lied to me!”

perfunctory official said: “Perhaps there really this high official accidentally reconnects you kindly save when subject awards.”

smiled cursed heart, this man’s heart you can really black! You know that she is the person you’re looking for, just pretend not to know, good and convenient fell under the killings, but he has also caught me with a bonus, I’ll take you to catch a good lie to people! That long black heart intestines, will be Men Do not Cry!

face was exposed to the expression of gratitude, “Thank you adults! villain will immediately go with an adult.”

official said: “Wait, do not come near you, go to Soso her!.”

found a an herb, a little coins, found no weapon.

official party nod, so she led the way.

side will all lead to Hasuo hideout.

officials indicate two attendants to the viewing.

smiled and said:. “high official who broke his leg, please send more adults Qufu two people she”

officer nodded and said: “First identify the authenticity, and then save not later.”

this man actually very cautious, only smiled, then put into a five-letter first sent two men tackling the actual situation.

smiled and regardless of her, she just put on a respectful way but greedy stood.

After a while, that the two attendants speaker said:. “Your honor, this man is not only a broken leg, also was seriously injured, To lose now.”

smiled Anzan, well done!

officials very assured, before finally dismount to personally look head side to indicate, beside a servant holding a knife, just around the corner.

smiled and knew she was the one to silence, only yourself, waiting for her body 离鞍, square toes to touch the ground when, rushed up.
that officials are trying to prevent the neglect, coupled with weak footing, she reined in after a fierce neck, fastened arms, actually could not move.

both sides of the guards shouted in unison, under the Malay save.

smiled and cried: “!! I changed my mind Hasuo, you just deal with one like”

threw hard, it will be difficult to handle official tie to the lotus feet of the students threw over there.

parties have idle hands, next to a few already razor handle and the body. Her stomach following a horse to roll, hide away, kicked one room to move the wrist, put a knife to her kicked. Unfortunately, the knife landed at the very far, her reach.

belly from the horse drill out the other side, said something reins, leveraging turned on horseback, condescending, only those hands with their feet kicked against hacking knife.

Tude Chen Sheng Lin was born in there shouted: “Stop it all to me!”

her voice cold, dignified Jin Lu, people can not help but look back at all of her.

twilight among the hidden see the man calm as a mountain shadow, stop Yue Yuan Zhi Ying tolerance covered week, hands frost knives, sticks to be thrown to the officer in the neck.

she coldly said: “In addition to this people, to the principal of the people?”

people can not help but have turned around and looked up and down a three-year-old woman not wearing robes, the man still being prepared Fu Xiashen action before the child, with the steel knife to cut the hands and smiled beneath horse leg.

Hasuo cold stare this person, quietly intense sudden murderous air between her wrist and shoved over the pages of a Le, she fastened on five products that official neck blood immediately darting, soaked her chest clothes.

Hasuo this person down to the ground, look the same, black and white is still cold eyes askance horse leg to cut that person.

“adults and it was ……!” All the people at the same Biechu a long-winded.

smiled too stunned, she had just want to hijack the official ……

Hasuo authentic single word: “Too women in distress hunting, dead or alive, this personal care for the yard, not too female search and rescue, anti-imperial third-guards in this persecution, sin, how?”

man Dailiaoyixia, but also in the hands of steel into its sheath, knees bowed: “!! villain from six yards deputy care products see adults as adults Zhu said, the guardianship of adults …… when to punish, to being military style”

seriously looked at this person could not help but smile, promising ah!

so quick to see the situation, know who jumped on the bandwagon, rare talent ah!

Hasuo not false speech, just coldly:. “paddock into the large inner beast, the woman is the Ethernet shelter in a safe place at the moment has come to a nearby inn deserved paddock, you wait and ordered people to greet the periphery inn, inn the hot meals ready to strengthen the garrison to prepare too female sitting here one night. “

Zhu busy kicked away, sent two guards to the custody of the bodies to carry back.

Hasuo coldly:. “kill this person is not to let everyone see the example of dedication to work, go back and killed the instrument or buried by it, together with payment of pensions to their families.”

Zhu bowed: “Your honor good heart, villain grateful.”

rolling his eyes could not help but smile, kill people and then let the burial, which is a good heart ah! I do not know what kind of world is called the destruction of evidence of it?

Moreover kill her is to let you see, even be grateful, but also fail you, ah!

Zhu Xie finished Well, look like lotus raw or cold, afraid to stay, to mobilize people to go.
horse came, saw and smiled Taimajindao sitting on the saddle, not the speaker, leaving more than a horse, and left.

smiled and walked two horses holding lotus birth, helped her up, struggling to prop up on horseback.

Hasuo said: “You seem quiet a lot.”

smiled frankly: “I’m afraid you’ll suddenly have cut my knife.”

Hasuo breath to see her: “there will never be that day.”

smiled and stood ready, good step stirrup, students will be placed across the front of the lotus, arms circled her arms up, perform live in the reins, the horse’s reins next put her hand.

Hey a laugh: “I know that one day I will not hurt you reconnects, then save your back, be two clear of danger after today, I will not know you, you do not remember me, each Happy go. of it. “

Hasuo whispered: “I’m afraid you are willing to do hard then ……”

smiled not hear: “What did you say?”

Hasuo indifferent smile: “Nothing.”

smiled pick up the reins, the horse went.

place to go, naturally inn is in the opposite direction.

such a calm among the other leaders cut the sword, with the most direct way to the collapse of the enemy’s will to fight, the moment to reverse the pros and cons of the situation in person.

said she was third-imperial guards.

anyone believe it?

yes, please talk to Zhu learn two strokes again, people still know how to leave at least two horses.

Volume II: Order of the daughter born to hate three jun family

smiled with Lin Chi for some students, out of the Xian Xia mountain range.

way he asked Lin Sheng: “You can have a place to go outside?”

Hasuo shook his head.

smiled and rode a while, holding the lotus born, the two horses were chased away, carrying her to a direction.

gates have been closed at the moment, she did not dare to risk staying in the vicinity of the gate, only to find the safest place to spend the night before.

gradually moon come up, along the road to see the large lotus raw vegetable melon, gurgling rivers, but could not see a farm.

suddenly smiled and said:. “where there Guapeng, where we had a night of it.”

she obviously familiar with this, but made himself first came, nor expose her lotus birth.
There are wooden tables and benches inside
Guapeng, smiled from the bench to fight, let the students sit in lotus above, let her wait, own it sideways out of sight.

After a moment, she held a bag of stuff back, saying that discussions with the nearby farmhouse. Open to inside Banjiu robes, two cold buns.
She took the bowl Guapeng
crude to the river to wash the inside, scoop water, together with lotus buns and gave birth.

although rough stuff is pretty clean.

Hasuo bite two, though cold buns, vegetables and pork meat inside was quite tasty.

smiled watching her eat, tilted his head and said: “? you how so sure I will not leave you or to sell it reads like you knew me before like”

Hasuo down buns and slowly said:. “Today I was the first time I saw you, they are a kind of feeling can be worthy of trust, perhaps, this is not often say it’s fate.”

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Deadlocked, it would not make her laugh, and say it strictly held up, his head since he first low-head channel is not it should be.

went to the balcony, Qi Han River Star mouth breathing air in the morning, looking at the sky from gray WHITEFADE thought, this man is really little difference Mommy no idea, thought, and long-distance telephone call came, did not He thought maybe dreams are sweet, so abruptly he dug up from the bed.

a yawn, Qi Han star turned to go back to the room, made a sudden glimpse of Lin Xi figure.

“She is getting up so early it?” did you get the lawn mower at her, looked focused and serious finishing turf, Qi Han Star unconsciously lying on the stone fence, is busy with a sense of elegance to her temperament attracted.

felt someone watching her, Lin Yan Xi suddenly raised his head, with Qi Han star gaze in the air fair, startled for a moment, her routine authentic: “chai early.”

“early.” back to her most charming smile, Qi Han star then without a word and walked toward the room.

see his smile disappeared two days, Lin Yan Xi actually somewhat dazed, she did not move, so absence of standing up to the gallops, but after the locomotive sound pass into the ears, she came back too God.

bowed his head, Lin Yan Xi intends to continue the unfinished work, Qi Han star but at this time came.

“I’m sorry, I was wrong that night.” He expressed sincere direct channel.

never thought he would apologize to her, Lin Yan did not know how to react in the moment between Hey do.

“I guarantee that if you stay here one day, I will never come back again with a woman, really!” saw her silence, Qi Han star quickly added,.

faint smile, Lin Yan Xi pair indifferently quipped:. “This is your home, you want to do on how to do that, you have the freedom, my maid can not qualify inquiry”

“But you are now living in this ah!”

“So what? here is not your house?”

“I ……” raised his hands, Qi Han River Star put on a pitiful, “You give me a break! do not take what I said Ran loss to me, I have to admit I was wrong thing!”

could not help but laugh, Lin Yan Xi fairness authentic: “In fact, in some ways you’re not wrong, here, you do have the right to do what you want to do arbitrary things, but I think people Whatever one does should respect other people, otherwise society will be a mess. “

Lin Yan Xi said what, Qi Han star simply turn a deaf ear, he only care for her rare smiles centuries fascinated think she laughed so beautiful, so teach people to heart.

fuchsia eyes looking at him, she suddenly burst of panic, hurriedly written overdone and said:. “chai, I go and prepare you breakfast,” she fled to leave the job at hand, Wang Wunei ran.

long, long time, are still reluctant star Qi Han Hui Guoshen just from the throbbing, has been turned into a noisy early morning quiet, warm sun exposed face, his consciousness was revived.

really strange, he’s not had a lot of comments on this woman? smack her meticulous rules a lot, too boring her, how he was always by her involuntarily traction? Alas! confused, Qi Han Star Shuaishuaitou, went into the house full of doubts.


though her own work efficiency has always been confident, but when a man sat staring at her every move, then confidence will play a big discount that point, especially this man is her employer, awkward self is a cinch, and her fear of this man and this uncomfortable feeling, as if will lose self-control.

heart sigh of relief, Lin Yan Xi pretending easily asked: “? chai, you do not work you” from her yesterday morning apologized later, Qi Han star becomes now airs, she walked Where, where he was told, there is no one to ask this one, and asked that sounds like doing the background check.

her questions seemed very happy,canada goose outlet, Qi Han star smiles, “I’m just a week before the end of the tour the continent, now leave them.”

watched him smile, Lin Yan Xi feel like running across the body a current, gently flutter a bit, and soon back to smile, to conceal the heart disorder.

“Now leave, how can not walk around the outskirts?” He went outside to play is best for a few days and then come back, she would not be like this now, there is always an inexplicable pressure.

“I usually have to run on the outside, so I prefer to stay at home vacation days, no crowd around to enjoy life.”

“ah …… You’re right.” She nodded, but she can be miserable, do not know how long he was off to the fake?

“You do these things every day, will not feel bored?” Qi Han star turn asked, do not know how it is, that this woman did not change a bit, and always look askew, but to her, but more and more curious, she seemed every moment in labor, under busy busy, but had never seen her young brow, or showing the slightest displeasure, What a strange woman.

“I just do what I do, it does not matter bother or do not bother.”

“You do not want to rest one day, let yourself relax you?” like him, although very loving every second of standing on the stage, I feel that they can stir up the hearts of the people, let them his voice, he charm boiling, but occasionally he would like to take a break.

“I thought.”

“What do you think about it now, do you want to put yourself a day off, walk around?”

“What is the significance of this thought, I’m not the boss, the decision is a holiday without me.”

Qi Han star finally reluctantly hard smile, this woman seems to deliberately challenge his patience, “Today’s lunch and dinner you do not have to get up, I’ll take you out to eat outside.” Now he knows, so Xi Lin Yan woman. Roundabout simply asked for boring.

obviously very surprised, Lin Yan Xi throat a word does not come out, the eyes have a subtle hint of panic.

“Hey! do not be cranky Oh, I just think you’re so serious, to organize an orderly manner my family, what you feel the need to reward good employees of this due diligence.” Qi Han Star did not think he would have So sad for two days, would like to invite people to dinner had to find a reason.

“No, I just do what I should do.”

well, this woman really know how to blow his male dignity, maybe he should teach her a thing employees to obey the boss as the supreme principle.

“Lin Yan Hey ……” He then had a chance to say, it was a burst of birdsong to break the door bell.

“chai, I went to open the door.” fled like a general, Lin Yan Xi quickly ran out.

leave more panic than usual at her back, Qi Han River Star could not help but asked himself: “When did I become so obnoxious?” aggrieved sigh, he went to the sofa and sat down.

say it is really ridiculous, Lin Yan Hey this man did not seem to understand, do everything meticulous, neat and tidy, but he always eludes her mind ……

“Red, Mommy come, it will not stand up to greet ah?” daze looking at the positive Qi Han star, Liu Yunci voice revealed a wave of mischievous pride.

blinked, Qi Han star stood up to half hesitantly call: “! Mummy”

“What do you look, it seems not like to see me!”

shook his head, some of the reactions he came and said: “Mommy, you said ……”

“what to say, that I have something temporary,cheap canada goose, to delay some days again is not it?”

suddenly, Qi Han star finally realized that the original Mummy was deliberate, the aim is to reduce the alertness of his pieces, to a spot checks, please confirm it is purely a maid to withdraw his lie. Mommy must also think according to his personality, it is impossible to hire a maid to come back really, at most, to find someone pretending to look at, but she never thought that this would be his counterfeit hired, except that the period of one month In addition, the other with really no two servants fundamental.

“Mommy, do not like it?”

“was originally ah, but you told me not to make you wait too long, so I just put things onto your daddy flew to Taiwan to see you, how, Mommy good for you,canada goose jackets, right?”

good head, there is an attempt to bad, Qi Han River in the heart star reluctantly read road.

“Qi aunt,” see Liu Yunci seeking only to speak with Qi Han River Star, along with her from afar the denizens to forget the side, Chen Tingli not wait to scrape against the Liu Yunci came around, “So this is your day to mention late brother ah Han Star Factory

“Yes, Red, I forgot to tell you introduced a good friend who is your daddy daughter, she called Chenting Li, her family immigrated to San Francisco a long time ago, there have been more than ten years did not return to Taiwan, So this time specifically to play with my back to Taiwan. “

back to Chen Tingli a polite smile, Qi Han star suddenly went to Liu Yunci rear, forced to pull over to Lin Yan Xi, “Mommy, this is what I hired maid, she called Lin Yan Xi.” If he was right, this is Mommy Chenting Li had attempted to give his “maid” while Mommy reason why Chen Tingli bring, if caught, he did not want to hire a maid, you can naturally to him The woman left.

“I know, just come when I had asked a.” Liu Yunci looked thoughtfully Qi Han Lin Yan Xi star clutching hands’

recovered from Qi Han Star sudden move, Lin Yan Xi tactfully withdrawn his hand, then Banqi conscientious servant role, “Mrs. Qi, Chen did not know you wanted to sit down to a cup tea, or would like to return to the room to rest? “

“of course, is to sit down and Koucha ah, you have to ask it?” feel unlike Lin Yan Xi maid, Chen Tingli quickly put hostess gesture, an attempt to put her under the heel.

totally did not become masters of the Chen Tingli attitude when the same thing, just carefully Lin Yan Xi Liu Yunci again questioned the meaning of “Mrs. Hui also like to drink a cup of tea?”

“good, but could you help us a good cup of coffee.”

“good.” bowed, Lin Yan Xi turned to exit the living room.

“Han star brother, how can you find such a maid, she did not experience any thing!” Lin Yan Hey are not out of their sight, can not wait to pull Chenting Li Qi Han River Star talkin ‘.

somewhat quietly sensual arm tear Chenting Li, Qi Han star like a gentleman-like gentle and polite authentic: “You made a mistake, made a very competent Hey maid, since the family had her whole new look If you have the time looked to visit, you’ll understand how much she qualified. “

“Really?” with a critical eye toward looked around one, Chen Tingli though not want to admit, but can not do anything to refute, there really could not pick a trace of shortcomings.

Landelikuai Chenting Li, Qi Han River Star considerate pulled Liu Yunci walked to the couch, “Mommy, so long plane ride, you must be tired, sit down and rest.”

ass seated, Liu Yunci they looked full of thoughts about four weeks, “for two years, the family is still the same, have not changed a bit.”

“Mommy, your hand here, but carefully arranged, and I dare tamper with?”

“You come on, I think you simply have to move regret.” Liu Yunci loved watching his son.

“Han star brother,” seeing himself again been left out in the side, Chenting Li Qi Han star quickly in the other side to sit down, the body intimacy leaning on him, “In fact, you do not spend money to hire servants, after here There I can help you take care of enough. “

“No, you are a guest, how the nerve to trouble you, not to mention you too will soon return to America.” He knew the woman liked him, except that the Lin Yan Xi, but this Chenting Li gone too far!

“I can stay in ……”

“Mrs. Qi, Chen, please use the coffee.” Hey Lin Yan Chen Tingli timely interrupted.

“Mommy, I’ll help you with sugar and creamer.” grateful looked Lin Yan Xi an, Qi Han star very graciously stood up, took the opportunity to get rid of Chen Tingli entanglement.

“chai, I went to prepare lunch.” bowed again, Lin Yan Xi walked back to the kitchen.

“Han star brother,” did not let Qi Han River Star has breathing space Chenting Li and sticky up, “I …….”

“Mommy, I’ll call made to help you organize Hey room.” let two women here have a chance to speak, Qi Han Star escape wildly rushed into the kitchen.


“Red, what are you doing? say how people Ting Li also guests from afar, you can not for people passionate about it?” her son was finally alone, Liu Yunci could bear to opening lecture.

“Mommy, she has passion enough, if I Coushang foot, that does not cause a fire?”

and funny, and helpless, 刘蕴慈 light exclusion:. “you, ah, do some sophistry”

“Mommy, you can see, I have a mistake?” He looked innocent.

“Okay! Ting Li little enthusiasm even point, but this is no big deal, living in the United States that an open environment, natural personality would be more passionate.”

“But I can be too much.”

“Really? I see you replaced a woman a woman, how can you shout heard too much?” son changed her last encounter gestures of a woman, he has always been comers, but Now, he should also feel free Fu Xiaoshou.

“I ……” Yes ah! him is how? previous encounter with Chen Tingli such a woman, he usually hit it off, how now I just feel down enough appetite? because …… No, this is made with Lin Xi has nothing to do because Chenting Li is his mom arranged “peach trap”, so he will be on the Chen Tingli particularly cold, yes, it must be the reason!

think this point, he Tuiju said:. “Mommy, do not in vain, and I do not like Chen Tingli kind of woman.”

“what kind of woman do you prefer, Lin Yan Hey you?” Liu Yunci fascinating places looked at him.

heartbeat mess a beat, Qi Han star immediately shook his head, a pair of felt funny look, “Mommy, are you talking about, say Hey I just hired a maid, and I like what what kind of woman has relationship? “

“Phew! scream it very intimate thing.”

oh, he changed his tune from what time to start, and how their own not feel a thing? want him suspiciously.

“OK, so you do not installed in front of me, you think I do not see you people interesting? you ah, if outset honestly tell Mommy you have a favorite girl, Mummy is not for you poor nervous. “

Li Ting, she has liked this girl, lively, full heat, is a sweet, pleasant child, she thought, Ting Li and Red should be very fit, but today saw Lin Yan Hey this girl, she say no more of appreciation, Lin Yan Xi temperament elegant, calm and reserved, I can see a well-bred girl, Ting Li Yan Lin Xi with a ratio becomes too childish.

her the mother is actually very open-minded, and she certainly did not want to force his son to marry a non Which girl, as long as he could have changed the nature of play, seriously object to find contacts, marry and have children, this is enough.

“Mommy, I made really boring Hey, you do not quote.” He was just very curious Lin Yan Hey, you can not have her deposit unnatural.

“You want kidding? lie to you this savvy mom, or lie to yourself?” Liu Yunci patted his shoulder and said, this kid eighty percent have not noticed, as long as Lin Yan Xi appeared, he would not help staring at the people watching.

“I said

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Thus, the next moment,canada goose outlet, the water will not help lug death marks mocking eyebrow up.

“Where I dedicated you do not forget, but the princess ‘country first swing night * Women’ -? every night debauchery, the morning after listless on it!”

“White ……” Luo Ning Yun was that look of arrogance death to the gas crooked water mark of the nose, the eyes squint just a handsome, say a ‘white’ word.

“assassin!” leaning Chen Wei suddenly beside exaggerated ‘Guikulanghao’ up – also a coincidence! Yun Luo Ning let them waiting for ‘assassin’, in this moment there is no sign of the ‘debut’ of …… ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

“?!!! assassin ah ah …… ah …… Come on people,” half a beat late reaction Luo Ning Yun After react, also immediately Xiangmoxiangyang Guijiao up – indeed boasted Oscar Yun Luo Ning, the speed is quite fast into the drama drops! ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

“!! come ah escorting” seeing, water shoes are rare death marks ‘waste’ a handful – shouting ‘escorting’ very ‘scared to death’ of the drill into a corner gone …… T ? T

“ah! …… come ah! …… there are assassins! …… escorting ah! ……” Luo Ning Yun glanced at the corner of Water and death marks leaning Chen Wei after they have ‘legs’ of the chair to a paralysis , phony screams of, ‘wait’ Assassin’s razor ‘pierce’ his chest a ……

“?! Ai ……” a split, Yun Luo Ning shock at the The ‘piercing’ his chest that the razor, pierce the sudden stop in front of her a ‘white object’ on – right it! This is where outside jumped out plan ‘actor’ ah this? !

body of two hundred and fifty seventh chapter turned out to be him? !

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seek collection! Recommended! Thank you!



Leng Leng looked at it so I do not know where the sudden came the ‘white object’, after it was originally put toward their razor stabbed, then followed by a heavy fall on the ground, motionless – Luo Ning Yun’s mind flashed just an idea: wrong! This is where pop out from outside the plan ‘actor’ ah this? !

All this happened so fast! Even the water is coming leaning Chen Wei death marks and two top killers, are not able to respond in a timely manner to the first time – and so quickly flying ‘hide’ the water disappearing into the corner marks the return of children’s shoes , sword ‘cut’ fly assassin’s head when the ‘white object’ has long been ‘settled’ the …… ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

Teng “leader?!” almost so while being gung-ho ‘Baotoushucuan’ ​​is leaning Chen Wei, also shouted back flutter beside Yun Luo Ning – unexpected emergency situation, so being played ‘Nanchong’ plays exhilaration of Wei big guy, suddenly three souls were gone two soul ……

“This, this, this …… Who is this? …… No, not …… he is playing out of nowhere? was you who arranged ah? do not tell me in advance how ah? ……” Luo Ning Yun this moment has finally come back to after a Huner – pointing to the ground ‘white object’, first looked Zhexiang have rushed to her side of Wei big guy, and looked at the car was standing in ‘headless assassin ‘water around young master, full of puzzled, confused and questioning up: how suddenly change’ script ‘of it? ! And why did not notice her ah? !

“! ghost arrangements …… really damn!” Heard, water marks disappearing immediately furious swearing up – good one out children ‘Cheat Death’ drama, even so I do not know this fight is nowhere guy to mix up! Is simply outrageous! ! (Glass: Did you see oh condensate angry scar marks Yun:?! Nonsense prime blind do not see glass:!! ……)

“leader, it seems not prearranged ……” Wei Chen leaning glanced down at the floor of the ‘white object’ only after some uncertainty towards the Luo Ning Yun explained up – water mark will not die This kind of thing concealed on him, and indeed there is no need to hide, do not you?

“ah?! …… he, he, he was …… Who is he?” After the death to get water marks and leaning Chen Wei’s’ double negative ‘anguish Yun Luo Ning, pointing to the ground unconscious’ white object ‘, stammered out the hearts of questions asked to.

“Master ……!!!” sudden burst of cries rang out of thin air – boy dressed servant rushed sideways, and threw on the ground of ‘white object’ ……

“?!?! ah …… how would he ah ‘when’ white object ‘face catches the eye Yun Luo Ning, the’ mother of Hedong Roar ‘immediately above the main hall echoed up – turned out to be his ? ! …… Fuck! This joke was also a bit too much, right?

“This, this, this ……” After 傅修文 see that face, always placid Wei Chen can not help but stunned leaning up – he was not long been into ‘limbo’ yet ? How should suddenly appear in here? !

“Master! Master! your quick wake up ah! you do not scare me ah! …… sir! You this is how ah?! …… sir! You can not be dead! ……” The next moment, autumn and winter hysterical cries rang it loud – it touches and ‘Kato mother Roar’ Yun Luo Ning echoed before a handful! ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

“! outrageous” the anger of the water on a belly death marks are the noisy, immediately the more well done up – Hema whispered a sentence, they threw Luo Ning Chen Yun and Wei leaning matter, went directly to ‘flash people ‘the.

“!!!! ai death marks the death marks pass imperial death …… come ah! ‘death marks toward the water several times, shouting back,cheap canada goose, but had been ignored – looked at the positive holding Fu Xiuwen wept autumn and winter, this huge ‘noise pollution’, suddenly it was made one of the first two big Luo Ning Yun, finally helpless eyes closed, his head toward the door roared up ……

a princess heard that call, and that Zhang had just returned funeral imperial nature is immediately rushed over to sit rocket – a good toss down a pass,canada goose jackets, and finally come to Fu Xiuwen’s injury does not matter, as he would faint , is entirely because they were scared, so rest will be all right in a few days the conclusion ……

which makes Luo Ning Yun am really speechless to a certain level …… ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

just such a thing happened, but also reasonable in the circumstances are inappropriate, then Fu Xiuwen back into people’s lives under the ‘East campus-wide’ to go, so we bite the bullet and ordered Luo Ning Yun Cho, the Fu Xiuwen their master and servant two people are located in the front yard of rooms arranged to go up – is also making life difficult for Luo Ning Yun have been so long, but also remember those from the completion of this, whether it is night-mei, or she had not used entirely already have a the furnishings of the room! ?

etc. Cho told people busy divvying up under the 傅修文 carried rooms located on the west side of the front yard, and then placed properly, and long has been a lunch time – from start to finish to bite the bullet station sit on the sidelines of the outer ring Yun Luo Ning, the moment has finally feel hungry, given the short-lived fad young master who can not find water, and then pull together to solve the big guy Celeste ‘livelihood plans’ to go ……

Dayton eat lunch Luo Ning Chen Yun and Wei leaning called a depressed ah! T? T

followed a busy morning at the moment is killing Yun Luo Ning also do not understand: Why Fu Xiuwen suddenly appear? ! Really just a simple coincidence? Or that there is a conspiracy to hide what it? And himself from the outset did not give Fu Xiuwen little good face to see, but he’s just a frail scholar physically very weak, even just happen to see him, but he really worthwhile protection has been so desperately neglect His yourself? ! Moreover, even if these are not the first to say aside, but now also to the need to take the time to look up the Fu Xiuwen: The ‘male fox’ of this vengeful ‘refers to the marriage’, the seemingly only a innocent victims, he actually played again in what kind of role? !

Compared to brood Yun Luo Ning, Chen Wei-leaning think this moment would be much simpler: she is actually a very kind woman, is likely to be Fu Xiuwen this ‘suicide move’ to move it was a mess! If that is the case, at the mouth of the water mark is not disappearing ‘people’ Fu Xiuwen, they might would henceforth the ‘people’, ah! Really headache dead! Alas! – Dignified ‘Addict teach’ killer, the capital of the four ‘son’ of Wei’s first big guy would actually ‘idiot’ so far? ! It should be a wanted Yun Luo Ning “love of the people are ‘idiots’!” The ‘Roche logic’ it! ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

“leaning Chen, these days you will pay more attention to the little that Fu Xiuwen -! after all, because I was injured, which is free to the pension or not, as to the other …… Ah In short this thing, it ! have entrusted to you “in the end it was not able to come up with a ‘zichouyinmao’, the helpless decided to inaction, resourceful Yun Luo Ning, they upset leaning toward Wei Chen told up – really annoying TMD dead! Ah put ‘Cheat Death drama’ so blind to the mix, which also became a hero but rather a! Alas!

“is the leader.” Heard, leaning Chen Wei nodded respectfully at once.

“If he had any requests, so long as not too much, you will have it for my master!” little one, Yun Luo Ning has added such a – Chen Wei-leaning act is very reassuring! Let him kid ‘abler’ Go! (Glass: not so handsome condensate oppression Yun:! That otherwise oppressed are ah Glass:?! ……)

“is to teach …… You, you mean, this thing your child regardless of it?” heard this strange commanded, Wei Chen can not help leaning deeply unexpected one – how it sounds, she’s like How far is it to hide how far you want to like it?

“What I managed ah my pipe?, I have had a chance to avoid arousing suspicion it to me!” have a ride without a ride enjoying Xueha soup, Yun Luo Ning rolled eyed child super unhappy, very unhappy complained.

“?? tactful …… you are the leader, you are not going to accept the right to accept 傅公子” strong pressure hearts surprised, Wei Chen deliberately leaning toward Chuaizhuo understand confused questioning Yun Luo Ning up – it seems that Fu Xiuwen possibility for this to become ‘people’ is not great, but for insurance purposes, or re-confirm relatively okay!

“Poof! …… …… Ahem Ahem Ahem …… cough …… leaning Chen Wei! such a joke can not just open ah! …… If this was to let the water marks that guy hears death, and God knows how much was set off monstrous waves come – I can jump directly ‘clear water lake’ I really went to the …… “Heard, Luo Ning Yun immediately under the ‘Xueha rain’ to -!! Fuck! She did what will make people misunderstand thing? ! How even leaning Chen Wei have misunderstood it? ! Gosh!

“…… under damn.” was the roar Yun Luo Ning, Wei Chen immediately leaned his head on respectful – no wonder the water disappearing marks so confident that Fu Xiuwen is not a ‘person’ is not in his eyes, his own nor is it the ‘people’ do?

“I …… how little thing ah! another ‘damn’ on! …… the line, the line! you eat slowly! I go first!” once again returning to hear the phrase ‘under Damn ‘after this has been going crazy the first large Luo Ning Yun, finally’ runaway ‘- and after a few words dropped impatient, they direct’ Semitic ‘a ……

“……” Nama looked away figure, Wei Chen goes Aromatic troubles lean face, filled with a hint of bitterness can not help but smile ……

body of two hundred and fiftieth eight chapters leaning Chen Wei’s ‘Tolerance’ (1)

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is a commonplace in the morning, because of the time still early, so the six Princess House down, at the moment do not see a few people – the only exception, and that is that before yesterday, it was also never lived The rooms in the front yard, already is in and out, bustling up ……

“Zhang imperial?” went to sit at the table, elegant, slowly leaning tea of ​​Wei Chen, seeing the imperial help Fuxiu Wen Zhang checked the wound, had his own half but do not answer after day, he urged some of shouted.

Teng “Wei son!” suddenly point his name, stature senile, but vigorous action such as rabbits Zhang imperial, quickly respectfully toward the Fu Shen Wei leaning Chen Volt – can live in peace in a six princess palace so many years, this imperial nature is self-set exclusive ‘rules of survival’ a! ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

“how?” seeing, Wei Chen immediately leaning polite nod in return – after all, he had just been brought back Yun Luo Ning, when this hapless imperial Zhang for his injury, but did little to be bossed to go.

“. has no serious problem, and a few days resting in bed can be a” face leaning Chen Wei inquiry, answer sheets imperial attitude is very humble, respectful – Chen Wei leaning on him just polite manners, even if he These can not be seen, how can we live in peace today too!

“. ah, that these days, there is a labor Zhang imperial” after confirming no major problems, leaning Chen Wei with Zhang will be courtesy of imperial polite about – life and death for 傅修文, he actually got a no interest reason to be so serious, it is only because this thing is Luo Ning Yun entrusted to him too!

“No, no, Wei son too kind.” Heard, Zhang imperial respectful of hand quickly replied.

“. has workers with” a polite nod, then turned to Chen Wei stood leaning against the bed of autumn and winter, “winter and autumn, young master if you have any need, even though Lucky me or say – I’m looking for then, to the east side of the hospital being ‘dance Mei Xuan’ on the line. “finish, is a dashing up, going to leave.

“Wait a minute!” next moment, winter and autumn voice suddenly from behind leaning Chen Wei rang.

“What thing do?” Heard, leaning Chen Wei turned around just surprised, faint inquired.

“I dare Wei son, why has the past two days have only one person you come? Highness why up to now, have not come to see my young master one? Anyhow, my young master but also to save the princess before the injured ah!” Unexpectedly, winter Autumn is an opening clip gun with a stick, strong words – full of angry staring eyes tightly leaning Chen Wei, Fu Xiuwen as if the injury is caused by Chen Wei-leaning like.

“princess busy over there now, so he gave the matter solely to me, if you have what it takes, then told me that is the same.” In this regard, Chen Wei-leaning just very gentlemanly smile on his face still – - Wind Danyun light to make an explanation.

“full power to you? afraid that you purposely to discuss the whereabouts of the princess ‘messenger’, right?” However, for this winter and autumn but refused to ‘let go’ leaning Chen Wei, then also put it more bluntly up.

“` What do you mean?! “leaning Chen Wei-ranging answer, beckoning on the first side of the ‘runaway’ – the Lucky actually see Fu Xiuwen early autumn and winter are not pleasing to the eye: Chongshang Jiang and force His life is the most annoying is that a hundred no one scrubby

canada goose jackets

On my face …… …… cough …… let me …… I …… cough …… “
I’m going to be Lvqian like crazy, while I was worried in the day in the end, calling cursing what Zhang ambulance, while comforting Lvqian said: “Well,canada goose outlet, do not speak, I know what you mean, you are now the most important is …… “
“Lvqian? Lvqian?”
little hands stroked my face last words I heard from my face soft slipped ……
sister ……
LU Wei ran to life, one pushed me apologetically, hugged his sister crying out loud ……
time, Zhang days from the other side with a group of people come to me gallop, shouted: “Boss, the hospital came, Lu students how?”
I forlornly in the direction pointing 吕倩 let Zhang day see for yourself ……
Zhang days behind health care, crying aloud from the hands of Lu Wei picked up the Lvqian was not breathing, start doing the final rescue ……
5 minutes ……
physician shook his head apologetically also look to have a hint of fantasy LU Wei, deep and said: “I’m sorry, the wound is a vital part of patients, we came too late.”
LU Wei crazy jump from the ground to seize the doctor’s collar, shouted: “What do you say do you know who I am Damn, go to my sister revived, my sister just too tired to sleep?? authored it. go, or else I’ll kill you and your family! fast! “
doctors looked embarrassed nearing crazy LU Wei,canada goose jackets, after persuasion useless. Doctors turned called the police and they came together, the Lv Weiqiang system opened.
LU Wei kicked banner, howling and biting police arrested him. Finally, in the case of the police powerless, also known as doctors forced to Lu Wei came a shot of sedatives, only to LU Wei slowly quiet down.
LU Wei looked confused sister was covered with a white cloth, suddenly, he turned and looked at me and resentment, he thinks his sister is dead and I have a direct relationship. So, he wants revenge for his lost dignity, to his favorite sister, he must take revenge! ! ! LU Wei
I understand why hate me, because if I did not appear, then all this might not have happened.
time and the last 20 minutes, Lu Wei and his cohorts was a statement from the police got me, and I walked slowly and Zhang day to lounge.
walking process, Zhang Tian suddenly asked me: “Boss, you like Lvqian it?”
I sighed: “I do not really know I just feel like she was a man!!”
Zhang Tian glanced lost expression I did not say anything, and he followed me and shook his head, said: “!! 吕倩 is a good girl ah want to complain that she did not blame only good brother ah.”
me speechless ……
this state until I went to the door of the lounge. I was facing and I said goodbye Zhang Tian affirmative and said:. “To your question I can answer you.”
Zhang Tian doubt,cheap canada goose, said: “What?”
I sank a few seconds, and said:. “After I was 吕倩 brother.”
Zhang days watching me again a few minutes later, he turned to his lounge a few steps out, and said: “Maybe …… if you would be comfortable doing so, I am willing to be her second brother ……”
huh ……
me sad smile, answer the question and said: “Tonight the moon may have a good ah!”
Zhang Tian turned, and said: “You mean?”
“Tonight I want to drink, drinking, breathing!”
“2 point of it!”
“Good! Buzuibugui me …… ……”
“Well …… Buzuibugui!”

first enjoyed days stepless Chapter Sword (2)

month below hate feeling fear, wine and song of love round, lovestruck woman, chaotic beauty, Yan Huang misery!
The next day, I woke up and found myself to sleep last night and Zhang Tian drinking places, and Zhang days have disappeared, he left a note on the table to.
I looked Zhang days left me this note, dim room, I suddenly understood Zhang day care and determined. Yes! This is an understanding of my most loyal friend gave me advice ah!
I Yangtianchangxiao: “lovestruck female, chaotic beauty, Yan Huang misery ha ha ha …… I do Lvqian it not, my brother would drink a glass of wine for you, I hope you can live a happy life in heaven!?.
toward the sky, I drank a toast to this last glass of wine, to celebrate love, celebrate as a friend, but also for being my friend this drama is brilliant man Qing emperor.
When transparent and liquid with a pungent slide along my throat and go straight, I sympathize with the feelings of 吕倩, just as in that glass of wine, I was buried in the depths of the soul, forever …… forever The pain!
Zhang days in case I have no discernible out behind me patted me on the shoulder, concern: “The comfort you, boss?”
I slowly turned to hold the sheets warm days and firm hand, and said:. “Thank you, thank you to accompany me to drink, I’m more comfortable.”
“Oh …… That’s good.”
Zhang Tian smiled and turn on the topic, and then said:. “Boss, I have just received news of Lu Wei”
I nodded, and said: “Well …… say what I listen to?”
“Well, we walked to say, okay? Zhang coach I’ll arrange for you to attend football matches.”
“Well, said while walking.”
Zhang Tian stadium has begun to catch up with me walking, walking, said: “I have just received a message, the message is this just pass over them to the Public Security Bureau, said the threat of a gun case for this school is. event belongs to the nature of the underworld retaliation, the case has nothing to do with Lu Wei. they will increase efforts to crack down on the underworld in future work in order to ensure safety of life and property of the people. As LU Wei …… “
I heard here, the body a little stiff for a few seconds, and then walk, and said: “Well …… you say.”
Zhang Tian glanced continue walking my silent, then said: “As for Lu Wei, the Public Security Bureau has released him, but was released after Lu Wei also submit a leave of absence to the school report, the specific whereabouts It is not very clear.
“But ……”
Zhang Tian paused into a look of angry, said: “I will find time to check, I will not let this hurt my boss man, it’s so simple to forget.” Zhang days
hear these words, I suddenly stopped himself, did not turn back, but firmly said: “! Well, do not check the things to end here now.”
Zhang days into his face surprised expression, he can not figure out, I always revengeful, why today is so generous, busy and asked: “?? Why Does your boss willing to let it go yet.”
my silent nod, and said: “Yes, I promised Lvqian order requirements, so be it!”
Zhang days stuck my words into silence ……
So, I quietly went to the school playground, there is no further mention Zhang Lu Wei-day things silently behind me.
Zhang days when I just figure appeared in the playground entrance when ……
Wow …… thunderous applause began to ring. Students screaming, beating, welcomed the arrival of their new idol ……
“quick look! our hero Sword and stepless coming!!!”
“Yeah …… handsome ah! two people are so individual! I love it!”
“Come on, then you grow as they will fancy you? should be me better!”
“Halo you girls are not sick ah ah how they see a loved one is handsome handsome do not call them that, that all the world’s most handsome I admired both of them, such as the endless surging river (note!!!?!: 5000 words omitted) worship ah ah …… good!! “
boom …… the two girls were around, eyes braved the worship of eyes, mouth still Kuangpen saliva angry men fainted ……
I turned and looked and students are paying tribute to Zhang days, skeptical and asked: “??? Sword stepless what”
Zhang days with his eyes discharge recently captured the hearts of several female students, he turned and smiled very vain, said: “! that is you and me ah.”
“You and me????”
Yet something I really can not touch the head, and quickly asked the girl is still confused Zhang Heaven: “Why?”
Zhang days simply do not care about my questions, he continues to confuse the girls screaming for him. Until he and I walked into the locker room with a connecting door to the playground after no longer see the girl Zhang days, only very impatient walking, explains: “This is the team’s nickname for you and the team I just played. lit prove safety for me, I mean, like a sword like the ancient swordsman, such as electricity. stepless then refers you. means you too gatekeepers like the same level of gossip, such as closing off like, understand it ? “
“Oh ……” I understand a little nod. However, when I saw Zhang days askew triumphant face, I suddenly remembered Zhang Tian attitude on the playground for me.
hey ……
approached me smirking yet feel the danger coming, continued where his own recollection of how the hero Zhang day side, said: “! Zhang brother, when the hero is not the taste of it was great.”
not suspect fraud Zhang Tian, ​​continue doing his hero dream, said: “Shuangya really cool ah!!”
me smile even more weird, said: “Neat huh I know you feel so cool that I will give you to a Gengshuang!!!!!”
Zhang days do not react, in a hurry and asked: “What?”
I deliberately elongated voice, said: “It ……”
“that I let you know who is the boss!”
As I suddenly becomes dark sneer, I did not hesitate fist in the big head Zhang days, giving him a “violent lion head.”
God gave Zhang fell to the ground, moaning and side edges muttered: “?? Oh …… also the boss does not even do such a point of measurement.”
I squinted, and said: “What did you say?”
Zhang Tian suddenly felt a chill moment flow through the body, busy Peizhuoxiaolian said: “Oh …… I said boss wise, playing little brother really enlightened ah huh ……!”
“Well …… It was almost!”
Zhang Tian carefully wipe the perspiration from his brow, and the hearts of long exhaled: “hey …… loss I react fast!”
Then I turn on the topic of Zhang Tian asked: “? today and who match”
Zhang days climbs from the ground, thought, his face turned serious and said:. “Zhang coach arrangement, I heard that the provinces a semi-professional team, the strength can not be ignored.”
“Oh ……”
I ponder for a moment, into a serious expression, said: “There is no certainty to play to win?”
Zhang Tian smiled and said: “Oh, I’m just saying that they have the strength, did not say how strong they are!”
“Well!” I turned and went to the closet before
out clothes, with his back to Zhang Heaven: “I want to score 10 to 0, can not be done!”
Zhang Tian hesitated, but soon returned to its original look, provocative and said:. “Yes, I guarantee 10 goals, but also to ensure that you can not let the other goals.”
also looked at the clothes I put on my shirt, Zhang days, said: “Yes, who is able to fulfill the task, according to a ball meal super meal to compensate for each other.”
Zhang days and then smiled and said: “! Junziyiyan”
I turned to the door, said: “!! Blackmer difficult to recover the stadium to see.”
finished, I walked out of my day and Zhang lounge ……
When I closed the door the moment, Zhang Tian suddenly stopped his dressing action, in the eyes of an expectation, facing the back of my whisper: “The wind brother, is the roar of your time, and I’m looking forward to …… “

first enjoyed days stepless Chapter Sword (3)

football team, players lounge, Zhang Kai, is to explain the tactics and players need to pay attention to several requests for this competition ……
me while listening to Zhang Kai explanation, while a simple inspection of the opponent’s data. And then after the lecture ended, Zhang Kai, in the list submitted to the game players will fill in my name behind the captain’s title.
from the start of the race and 15 minutes ……
Zhang Kai clap his hands in front of confidence, ready to play the players smiled final mobilization, said: “We all know the tactics of the game is right, then I will say no more. We strive I wish everyone here on the first to succeed. Meanwhile, I also announced a decision …… “
Zhang Kai pointing to prepare my first play, said: “After discussing the school’s decision, the captain of the football team after the foot by a strong wind classmate Wu served.”
I hesitated and asked Zhang Kai said: “Coach, how would I do Zhang days should be the main way?!”
Zhang Kai shook his head, he looked at the eyes of the players had the same question, yes and said:. “I know everyone doubted my decision, but choosing the wrong I think you’ve seen the real strength of the wind right Wu cents? No doubt, you have not seen. Yet, I have seen! So, I think Miss wind when the captain is most appropriate. Zhang days, you say it? “
Zhang Tian nodded and smiled, and he answered in the affirmative and said:. “Yes, Zhang said the coach is not false, I do not know Wu Feng skills students should be how to describe it, there is one simple and easy to understand, then I can tell everyone, that is, Wu Feng, I have seen the strength of the students, I strongly’s much more to his game than that! So, I agreed to let him captain, because only he can lead our team to more promising brilliant! “
“What? really fake Yeah, he’s even stronger than the horizontal sheets classmates??” The players do not believe Yu Yu aloud. And these players and the loudest sounds are the center of the white wave ……
put on a white wave exaggerated expressions looked Zhang days, the rest of the team to speak, said the representative: “No Zhang brother, your level we have seen, if as you say, the level of wind much better than Wu you are strong, then why should he when goalkeeper it? “
look to Zhang Kai Zhang Tian, ​​Zhang Kai, knowing that he followed the words of the white waves replied: “After this decision is my next, what other games finished suspect you will clearly now see what your new captain. something to say. “
Clearly, Zhang Kai, is to throw the hot potato in his hand to me. However, this does not mean that Zhang Kai is really nothing to say. Zhang Kai, but I want to train to become a super player before, first in the hearts of the players slowly build my unshakable authority. Only then, after a confrontation with the teams in the game, the captain can rely on previously built up prestige and guidelines players to victory.
course, Zhang Kai psychology I do not understand. However, since Zhang Kai gave me this opportunity, I’ll be sure to grasp. Because, I will always remember my wife who told me that sentence, they said: “They like a strong attention to let the world to do their husband, while the strong need to rely on his great strength to so many people willingly The holding him up. “
While I think the players should explain how and when the door suddenly heard a cry broadcast ……
all players please note that all players please note that there are five minutes from the race, invited all participating players play ……
game there are five minutes away from the game ……
Suddenly, I thought of what I was going to say, since the entire team captain is the strongest one, that I use